Adamo sits down with Jake Epstein where they talk friendship, favourite moments and Craig’s storyline that never made it to the screen…

Posted by Kary


  1. After watching Annie’s interview, I had a thought about one of the stories Jake told here. I’m not sure if Jake’s saying the writers were actually planning on making Craig/Marco a thing, or if that was just a filler scene from before they knew who Marco would actually date. But if Craig being gay was ever a real idea, it might be a really good thing that it didn’t happen, BECAUSE there’s an unfortunate idea out there that boys can “turn gay” due to lack of a positive father figure in their lives. (I hope nobody believes this anymore, but I know I heard it sometimes when I was younger.) Craig had Joey as a stepfather, but he also had a famously abusive father, and it would’ve been terrible if any viewers had seen a connection between the abuse and his sexuality. I love that Degrassi is willing to explore such a diversity of experiences with sexuality, but it was probably for the best that Craig remained a ladies’ man.

    And when Annie had that moment where it seemed like she wanted to say “well, I don’t want to imply that Fiona likes girls because she was abused by a boy,” that clicked.



    1. I’ve heard that one before too, and I agree for the most part. But I think Craig’s sexuality could have been more fluid, like Miles’ is in the current generation of Degrassi. I haven’t heard many people complain about Miles’ sexuality being derived from his father’s abuse. I would have liked to see Craig explore the boundaries and confines of his sexuality, it would have made Craig potentially more likable to me.



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