1) Zig Novak (PREVIOUS RANK: #4)
The gang plot reigns supreme at the moment, while Zig is placed in what looks like a lose-lose situation.

2) Imogen Moreno ()

3) Frankie Hollingsworth ()

4) Tiny Bell (#7)
Quite a few characters made jumps in the rankings for this episode.  After lurking inside the top 10 for this entire block, it’s pretty cool to see Tiny in the top 5 for the first time.  The gang plot is from Zig’s point of view, but Tiny is just as much a part of what’s happening.  The fact he’s brother’s with Vince makes it even more difficult for him to get out of this situation compared to Zig.

5) Grace Cardinal (#10)

6) Becky Baker (#8)
Becky’s learning another harsh lesson when it comes to people.  And while she’s praying to God for guidance, we’re praying for no Drecky reunion.

7) Zoë Rivas (#6)

8) Clare Edwards (#1)
I can’t stop laughing at Dallas’ throwaway line about Clare getting suspended. #Continuity

9) Maya Matlin  ()

10) Eli Goldsworthy (#5)

11) Jonah Haak (#15)
WOW! I need more explanation on what’s going on with this kid and his dark past.  Even with Becky leaving, there’s plenty of time to explore when Jonah returns in season 15.

12) Lola Pacini (#14)

13) Alli Bhandari (#12)

14) Winston Chu (#17)

15)  Hunter Hollingsworth (#11)

16) Miles Hollingsworth (#13)

17) Shay Powers (#24)
After a hiatus, Shay returns to relevancy and slays.  Everything she said in this episode was on point.

18) Mike Dallas (#19)

19) Tristan Milligan (#16)

20) Connor DeLaurier (#18)

21) Drew Torres (#23)
Don’t think you being right about Jonah means you’re off the hook, sir.  You have 3 episodes left to at least somewhat correct your douchebag behavior.

22) Jack (#20)

23) Arlene Takahashi (#21)

24) Jenna Middleton (#22)
…and Jenna finds herself at the bottom once again.



Posted by Kary


  1. Where is VInce? He should have a high rating based on the gang plot.



    1. Vince isn’t a series regular or a main-supporting character (like Jonah or Arlene) so he isn’t listed.



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