Give Me One Reason airs Friday, July 24th on TeenNick and MTV Canada

Maya knows the house rules, but she can’t stop thinking about ZIg. She wants to keep her promise to her mom, but the feelings are hard to ignore. Is she really okay with staying platonic? Clare is distraught after a recent tragedy. In an effort to shield herself from grief, she embarks on an impromptu trip to New York, along with an unwitting passenger. If the past is painful, she’s going to move forward, and nothing can stop her. Hunter has a crush on his friend Arlene. Unfortunately, romance isn’t his strong suit. Imogen convinces him that a grand gesture is the perfect way to get Arlene’s attention, but Hunter isn’t so sure. He could risk losing Arlene’s friendship in an attempt to win her love.

Posted by Kary


  1. I loved eclair..but let’s be real..the only reason they tried to made it work was because Clare was that she’s not I really hope us “clew” fans get our wish! I miss Clare and drew! They were such opposites and I loved that they balanced each other out.



  2. Heck no, I want Eclare. They’re perfect. I hate that they had her have a miscarriage, it was a complete cop-out. They brought Eli back after he graduated, they could bring back Clare too if they really wanted to continue the storyline. Honestly, they didn’t even really need to do that. Bottom line, they should have kept the baby in the show. Eclare is the only reason I watch and this is my favorite plot involving them since they first got together. Plus, it’d be perfect to end this series of Degrassi with the promise of another important character, played by an actress who has been on the show the longest out of everyone but the principal, having a baby she raises and could possibly bring back to Degrassi in the future, like with Spike and Emma.



    1. so right!! it be cool if they did have a new Degrassi baby like Emma. i just hate the writers. First I was against this baby but then it warmed up to me and now they kill it!! Why do they keep killing things at the moment they seem right, like the baby being Drews: just after they decide to name the baby Adam ( I almost started crying) and I shipped Clew as parenst they tell Eli’s the dad. Now I support the Eclare Baby and they do this. They’re killing me!!!!!



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