TVLine has released a sneak peak from 14B’s one-hour premiere happening on Monday night.  Click here to view the video:


Here’s what we learn in the sneak peek:

*Simpson is out, but he might not be gone for good.  We don’t really know Simpson’s future (and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was gone for good given all Stefan does behind the scenes), but Clare casually mentions that he might’ve only been suspended.

*Yay, another “crackdown” phase!  At least the students get to wear their own clothes this time! But no PDA, no unapproved student activities and there are now cameras set up all over the school (To see Clare go rogue and bust up one of the cameras, click here).

TVLine writer Andy Swift was surprised Drew offered no resistance to the new rules, but if you focus on Drew’s behavior throughout the clip he has every reason to be on board with them.  No PDA? Activities have to be approved? Drew’s also one of the hall monitors?  And he’s still Student Council President? Dude has all the power he needs to throw his weight around like a jerk to keep Becky and Jonah apart.

Posted by Kary


  1. So is Drew becoming Eli… lmao now I do understand why the students are pissed off at Zoe.



  2. I love how the seniors are complaining about the new rules. When I was a few weeks away from graduating, all I cared about was passing finals. Even at that young age, I would have figured whatever rules they had I only had to deal with for a few weeks then high school was OVER! So don’t think most seniors would have worried much.



  3. Honestly, Drecky has become one of the worst couples on Degrassi TNG. People compare it to Spinner and Emma, but even they were kind of cute. I mean Becky is the ex-girlfriend of Drew’s dead brother. That’s more than a little weird. I’m surprised they didn’t even address that.



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