With the end of Degrassi at Bell Media comes the end of an era in their parking lot in downtown Toronto.  MTV Canada’s twitter account announced there will be no parking lot party held for any of Degrassi season 14’s final episodes:



The news is disappointing, but not shocking given the sheer amount of uncertainty surrounding Degrassi over the past several months.  It sucks for those who were planning or have already planned their trips to Toronto this summer (especially fans from the U.S.), but at the same time a parking lot party this year was never a guaranteed thing to begin with.  The networks (MUCH included) also had a habit of waiting until within only a few weeks of the party to announce it, putting American fans traveling abroad at a planning disadvantage.

There’s a push from fans for Epitome to do some kind of party on their own, with the idea of a screening on set even being thrown around, but I’m not sure if that’s something Epitome/DHX would even consider given the amount of activity already happening on that set this summer.



Posted by Kary

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