Well it’s about freakin’ time, Degrassi!! ;)

Degrassi is taking “Degrassi TV” and turning it into an interactive web series.  Based on the above promo, it looks like fans will essentially be brought into the Degrassi universe as the series involves the show’s characters discussing various topics instead of the actors themselves.  Here’s complete details on the show and how you can be involved:

First up, we’re talking about Body Image. High school can be hard enough, but in the age of selfies, social media and celebrity culture, we’re spending an awful lot of time worrying about the way others see us. What are your thoughts on body image? Is there a pressure to look perfect? Do you care how others see you?

Send us your video and it may be included in an online episode of the web series Degrassi TV.

To submit: Email your video with your thoughts on Body Image to dtvsubmissions@gmail.com

Please ensure videos are under one minute in length.

The submission period begins April 17th, 2015 and ends April 27th, 2015.

If you are under the age of 13, please include a note in your email stating you have the permission of a parent or legal guardian to submit this video and participate in Degrassi TV.

Video selection will be at the producer’s discretion.

*Please note that by submitting your video you consent to your likeness being used for the purposes of Degrassi TV.

On a side note….

Yes, the Degrassi universe is unfolding in mysterious ways.

Season 15 presents an opportunity for Degrassi to hit the reset button again.  Based on DTV and some other things I’ll hopefully get to tell you about soon, the show’s looking to get its fanbase more actively involved in the Degrassi universe itself.

Posted by Kary


  1. I get the feeling that 14B is not going to be predicable for certain seniors/couples and ships. Is Dallas going to follow Alli or will he stay close to his son. Will Drew be able to mend some fences with a few people and shake off his insecurities about his ‘ educational non-smarts’. Will Imogen survive being herself without being codependent on her lovers, the same goes with Eli. Will Eli change his tune about the baby after taking birthing classes, can he deal with that type of stress. will he be ok if he has to quit NYU (thats if Clare doesn’t loss the baby). .. Lot of drama right there. Then what about Becky will she move back to Florida to escape her family? Lastly will Jenna follow Connor to wherever he goes. TBH it would not surprise me that every senior will end up single doing something they never thought of. Or some remarkable opportunity happens for them that may separate them from there lovers or past. In reality that is very common. As for the Underclassmen I think something really bad will happen that will change them big time. Season 15 will be probably a newer out look for them. I truly hope Tris & Maya mend fences too. As for Zoe I hope she sees a therapist, that goes for Miles too.



    1. A lot of points there. I think Eli is OK. Unless he tries to “make a move”. If he did that would be just wrong. But quitting a good college like that? Shit… An as for ” her” she has no concept of time & work. Saying the baby won’t be here till Xmas is stupid. & still thinking she can go to college… Nope. That

      College is HARD! She can’t be taking leave there. Cus if so she might as well drop the class. If she’s on a scholarship she could lose it. An for Becky… That idea is stupid. Tickets cost a good 250$ (that’s just coach). Not to mention where she lives. If her family finds out she ran away she’s in trouble.

      & I hope she graduates a virgin. I will lose all respect for her if she isn’t. And for Zoe.. That idea is good but with a catch. If she told anyone what she did they have to turn her in. I just want her to confess before the finale. She managed to piss off 14 people. & the 14A ending was a joke. I can tell it’s

      Hurting her inside. But the DN shit needs to die. Its getting old. Sure she kisses Zig but she doesn’t deserve a happy ending. We dont know how she will do it but when she does its all over. 14B is basically a conclusion (everybody except Zig). & lastly.. Fuck the pregnant stuff & I hope to have

      A 100% Zoe free season in the fall.



  2. yay there will be a season 15



    1. I’m happy to see that. Maya will be in 11th grade. & Jack will be alone? I dont even know what Jonah is doing. Most of all I hope for a Zoe free season. No nude crap! I only watched the show cus she is a great villain. But she is evil. Can she do something nice without something bad happening?

      I will love the new season. No Zoe. That makes it easier to watch. I say that cus she will have lots of emotional damage if she doesn’t confess not to mention the girl she blamed it on can get expelled. I’m only watching 14B cus of Becky & Zoe. & that’s it. I estimate 14B might be done maybe mid July.



  3. Well I dont care about body image since I’m a geek. I dont care about famous people. But props to the show for bringing up a topic that is as old as smart phones. & odd that the sexy model is the one talking about it.

    2nd. All I want out of 14B is for Zoe to confess. That’s all. It shouldn’t take 8 episodes for that to happen. With the new HBIC Frankie can be expelled anytime. The whole school seen the site. But Zoe is talking to Tristan? Asking for help? He is telling her what she already knows. Yeah she goes to

    Jail but its her problem. Maybe he can get her to do it. We just need to see how. But hopefully in the finale she already did it & is getting her charges (4 of them). I talk about her a lot cus she needs to fess up. I want season 15 to be good. Not painful. But the DN stuff was made to kill her off. Maybe then

    The girls can have “non hurtful” plots. But for the love of god she needs to do this! I’ve been waiting for this! That ending was a Gah Damn joke. I didn’t find it cute at all. But the clock is ticking. She could of became his GF if she didn’t fuck up. If he is willing to wait possibly 12 years then fine. Just get

    This Ditch the fuck out of here. Take the recyclables out to the curb. Gone git! Also notice Frankie is better than Maya. She never hit or pushed Zoe. I bet if she did we’d see a TKO.



  4. Chances are Zoe will appear in the fall. I hope she’ll be toned down and less of an evil bitch then. I’m just glad the show’s coming back because I need some Degrassi back in my life. I don’t know how much more Finding Carter I can take anymore. Season two has turned into absolute dogshit :(



  5. i found out that the start of 14b is may 26. does anyone know why they are planning on ending season 14 in late July or mid Augest



  6. Its so weird we have not heard one thing about S15. I know they started late last year but at least we knew the writers where writing. Are the networks having a tough time deciding if S14 will be it because we will be losing, Munro, Demo, Luke, Ais, Jess, Mindy, Sarah, Cris and AJ? TBH I think it would hold up with the cast who are playing the new 10’s & 11’s. It also makes me wonder if the characters Jonah & Jack will be back for S15 if it continues.



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