Posted by Kary


  1. Kary have you heard anything regarding the “Teenagers” web series? Really loved it and was hoping it would leave us hanging on that finale…



    1. They posted a trailer for season 2 but they haven’t revealed exactly when it’s coming out yet!



  2. I feel absolutely nothing for Eli & Clare anymore.. They feel force in S13 & S14, like Ais & Munro are not putting any effort in their acting as ‘being in love’. Its like they are both afraid to move on from each other. That I can understand bacause that does happen in these type of relationship. But this Season I felt more chemistry with Eli & Imogen in those few EP’s, Even Drew & Clare have that chemistry. I don’t even know why they are even trying anymore. More than half the Eclare fandon jump ship this season.

    But I did think that Zig & Miles pretty damn funny in this one.



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