1) Zoë Rivas (Last Week: #1)
Zoë’s been near the top for all of 14A because of the sheer amount of power she has and her willingness to use it freely.  She’s a master manipulator, and I can’t wait to go up against someone who feels forced to fight back because they have no choice (Frankie).

2) Frankie Hollingsworth (#5)
I loved the theme of Frankie’s plot in Firestarter, Pt. 1: life isn’t fair.  You can’t control the outcome of a lot of things, but you can control how you react to them.  I don’t believe revenge will transform Frankie into a bad person.  This is almost a necessary evil because of what’s at stake.  Both Zoë AND Frankie’s dad are willing to allow her to take full responsibility for their own personal gain.

3) Clare Edwards (#6)
Everyone in the Degrassi universe knows that Clare’s pregnant…except for Eli.  But I liked Clare re-planning her future instead of allowing a (baby) bump or boy’s stupid behavior derail life for her and the baby.

4) Miles Hollingsworth (#2)
A nice little tidbit of sibling advice from Miles to Frankie in this episode.  Can’t wait to see things come to a head with Mr. Hollingsworth in Firestarter, Pt. 2.

5) Drew Torres (#3)
Did you hear that Drew is the sexiest guy at Degrassi?

6) Maya Matlin  (#4)

7) Zig Novak (#13)
Take away all of the awful stuff we know about Zoë and strictly look at things from Zig’s POV.  I liked what I saw from him in this episode, as outlined in my recap.

8) Grace Cardinal (#7)

9) Winston Chu (#19)
He’s been kind of quiet all season and now we know why:  he’s been busy harassing the cheerleaders as the blackmailer.  He had the best of intentions, but at the same time I also think Winston is also smart enough to have found a way to take down the cheerleaders without endangering Frankie (I’m assuming that he would’ve made the safe assumption that Frankie had been involved in Degrassi Nudes).

10) Alli Bhandari (#9)

11) Hunter Hollingsworth (#12)
Same thought on Hunter’s brotherly advice as Miles’.  Loved the natural interaction between them.

12) Becky Baker (#8)

13) Mike Dallas (#10)

14) Eli Goldsworthy (#11)

15) Jack ()

16) Tristan Milligan (#14)

17) Tiny King (#22)
Just like a lot of the other secondary characters, Tiny’s personality shines when given the chance.

18) Imogen Moreno (#16)

19) Shay Powers (#17)

20) Lola Pacini (#18)

21) Jenna Middleton (#24)
I still can’t believe what Clare said to her! Actually I can…Clare has a history of randomly being condescending toward her friends.  But regardless of what anyone says, I’m still kinda hoping her and Connor fly under the radar this season.  Contrary to the value fans place on screentime, exposure is BAD if you’re wanting your ship to survive to see endgame status.  #TeamJonnor

22) Jonah Haak (#20)

23) Arlene Takahashi (#21)
If you correctly predicted Winston was the blackmailer, congrats! But some of y’all were acting like you weren’t debating other options…lol

24) Connor DeLaurier (#23)


Posted by Kary


  1. Kary, you said Eli doesn’t know about Clare being pregnant… but he foundout in Can’t Stop This Thing We’ve Started.



    1. Thanks, it should be everyone knows the baby is his.



  2. I understand wanting Jonnor to fly under the radar, but the problem is that they and Connor himself have always flown under the radar and never been given the chance to shine. This ship and Connor both have good storyline potential, so it’s a shame that they’re wasting it. I would feel differently if this was a character who really didn’t have much potential, such as Chantay or (as much as it pains me to admit) Wesley.

    I have to say that it would have really looked bad if Connor suddenly started getting tons of screentime after his makeover, though.



  3. I still think that someone else is the real blackmailer and Winston is her scapegoat or partner. This seems to easy and we know that Miles will burn something that turns into something bigger.



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