This has been one of those weeks where I haven’t had time to go in depth with explaining why certain characters moved up or down.  Zoë’s #1 for obvious reasons: she’s a legit queen bee who throws her weight around, and now everything is about to come crashing down on her.  Miles and Drew stay put because they appeared in this ep; Drew’s scene made me feel bad for him, while I would like to think Maya’s “meddling” finally broke through to Miles to show him that someone cares about him, even if feelings come attached to that.

Alli jumps into the top 10 for her strong role in this ep.  She let Clare have it for her constant indifference, and let Dallas have it for not keeping a secret like she asked.  The Bhandallas situation is a really difficult one for me to choose a side on; given the gravity of the secret (Clare’s pregnancy) and how it would affect not only Clare’s life but Drew’s, Dallas felt like he had to tell him.  But from Alli’s POV, she trusted Dallas with a secret and he told someone else…to her it doesn’t matter what the secret is, she’s expecting someone she trusts to remain faithful under all circumstances.

Tristan moves up to his highest spot in a while because of how he handled things with Miles. That emotional slap in the face he received at Miles’ intervention along with Winston’s advice helped Tristan realize there’s no point in chasing after someone who’s no longer feeling it (it also frees Tristan up for a possible continuation of the Yates storyline…fingers crossed).


1) Zoë Rivas (Last Week: #7)

2) Miles Hollingsworth ()

3) Drew Torres ()

4) Maya Matlin  (#1)

5) Frankie Hollingsworth (#6)

6) Clare Edwards (#7)

7) Grace Cardinal (#5)

8) Becky Baker (#4)

9) Alli Bhandari (#11)

10) Mike Dallas ()

11) Eli Goldsworthy (#13)

12) Hunter Hollingsworth (#9)

13) Zig Novak (#12)

14) Tristan Milligan (#19)

15) Jack (#16)

16) Imogen Moreno (#14)

17) Shay Powers ()

18) Lola Pacini ()

19) Winston Chu (#15)

20) Jonah Haak ()

21) Arlene Takahashi ()

22) Tiny King ()

23) Connor DeLaurier ()

24) Jenna Middleton ()

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  1. At least Jenna will likely move up to #23 next week. Poor Connor, though.



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