1) Maya Matlin  (#3)
Thank goodness for Maya’s mom, who called out Maya’s unhealthy obsession with Miles’ safety before it destroyed her own life.  Though the back and forth of Maya trying to intervene in Miles’ life started to become repetitive from a storytelling standpoint, I can’t deny being happy that Degrassi’s allowing someone to not only suffer longterm effects from a traumatic event, but also being able to watch them recover as Maya’s in therapy.  Besides a “big reveal” where Maya is finally ready to tell Miles about Cam, I’m curious to see where her character goes from here.

2) Miles Hollingsworth (#5 )
It seems to have finally set in that Maya is “meddling” because she cares for him, and Miles sees how his actions have affected her.  With Maya having told him that he needs to get his act together, the ball is finally in court when it comes to dealing with his dad.

3) Drew Torres (#10)
“Good Drew” came to play, and I feel bad for him.  He tried to do the right thing by letting Becky go, and she went off on him.  He’s trying to do the right thing by Clare, and the baby won’t be his.  I’m trying to figure out how things will end for Drew on Degrassi and can’t really think of anything besides him drifting off alone.

4) Becky Baker (#8)
Slightly torn because I didn’t necessarily like Becky throwing her beliefs in Drew’s face when the guy’s in a tough spot and trying to do what’s right, but her reaction seemed on par with what you’d expect from someone who’s feeling hurt because of how much they invested into the relationship. Oh well, time to move onto Jonah now…

5) Grace Cardinal (#4)

6) Frankie Hollingsworth (#1)

7) Zoë Rivas (#2)

8) Clare Edwards (#7)
I shouldn’t have to explain the logic behind why Clare and Eli would’ve had sex in the season 13 episode, Basket Case.  This arch has violently shifted back and forth between “I get why the individual characters are doing this” to “Why the hell is any of this happening?”  But just because you don’t like the idea of it being Eli’s baby, it doesn’t make Eclare sex in 1322 implausible.

9) Hunter Hollingsworth ()
When you have a secondary character like Hunter, they can use him as the go-to guy who’s into “Degrassi Nudes” as opposed to doing 1409’s opening scene with a random creepy guy we’ll never see again.

10) Mike Dallas (#12)
You’re so cute when you pretend to be a dad.” That is one of the harshest lines I can remember anyone saying on Degrassi, and mad props to Dallas for not busting Miles’ teeth out for saying it.  We as fans tend jump on Degrassi’s case the second we notice a lack of continuity, but won’t say a word (or will give a backhanded compliment) when they get it right.  In 1409 this a case where, like using Hunter as the guy who loves “Degrassi Nudes,” Dallas’ character (along with a Rocky mention) was seamlessly integrated into another character’s storyline.  There’s also the fact that Miles said it to Dallas, but also seemed to be projecting how he feels about his own dad.

11) Alli Bhandari (–)

12) Zig Novak (#6)

13) Eli Goldsworthy (–)

14) Imogen Moreno (#19)
Imogen is a much better character when she stands tall and stands up for herself instead of following a love interest around like a lost puppy.

15) Winston Chu (#14)

16) Jack (#17)

17) Shay Powers (#15)

18) Lola Pacini (#16)

19) Tristan Milligan (#18)

20) Jonah Haak ()

21) Arlene Takahashi ()

22) Tiny King ()

23) Connor DeLaurier ()

24) Jenna Middleton ()

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  1. It’s Clare’s baby not Eli’s or Drew’s. She is not married to either of them so in reality Clare can choose what is best for the baby not the guys. Even though Eli is the dad this story may not go the way Eclare & Clew and Clare fans want it to go. I feel that is what this story is about, not who the biological father is, its who Clare chooses to be that or Not. As in she can choose to be a single mom. I know the baby is healthy but Clare can have an accident too to loose the baby or Degrassi will end her leaving pregnant and university without a BF in tow. That happens to many young single moms..

    I hope Maya does tell Miles about Cam I think that will open Miles eyes about his own demons.. aka daddy issues.



    1. The baby is both Clare’s and Eli’s.

      I agree that Clare should focus on what’s best for the baby and not the guys. Unfortunately, we know that Clare won’t end up single. These writers seem to consider love interests to be “rewards” for the characters that they like the best.

      I would love it if Clare graduated single. I admit that part of the reason is because I hate her and think it’s ridiculous and unrealistic that so many guys fawn over her, but I also think that it’s time for her to learn how to be independent and single. If by some miracle the baby does survive, Eli can still be supportive and a part of his life without being romantically involved with Clare.



      1. After tonight’s ep I have zero problems saying Eli has no right or business being in that child’s life. There is a line between justifiable anger and Eli crossed it.


      2. I can’t say I agree with that. Calling Clare a whore doesn’t mean that Eli shouldn’t be a part of his kid’s life. And remember, he still thinks that the baby is Drew’s. I don’t ever defend Eli, but I do understand where he’s coming from.


      3. If Eli can only be a decent human being when he’s got a vested interest in the outcome, he has no business raising a child. Eli wasn’t past reason, he wasn’t boiling with anger anymore, he just was cruel.

        Before, when the situation was new, and he was trying to make it work, that was one thing, this… no, this is proof that he can’t see past his own nose when it comes to things he feels a right to.


      4. Again, he still doesn’t know that the baby is his, right? Eli was WAY out of line, but the baby doesn’t deserve to be punished for a remark made in the heat of the moment..


      5. Heat of the moment? Eli found out about the baby 3 weeks ago. Punishing the baby would be including a parent who cannot think past themself. Clare, after she found out about the baby but wanted to keep the baby and her dreams of going to school in New York, was just as guilty of not putting the child before herself.

        Eli couldn’t treat his ex with common courtesy. What happens when the child destroys one of his projects, or needs him when he’s working, or does anything to inconvenience the all important Eli Goldsworthy? Unless this wake-up slap gives him a huge readjustment in his focus, he shouldn’t be a weight on that child. Even when he first found out Clare was pregnant, he was more angry at her than he was concerned for the child.


  2. Since Clare’s pregnancy was revealed, knowing the timeline of the show and how she’s set to graduate before 9 months, most people have predicted a miscarriage since it has never been done on the show, (myself included). But as I was sitting around just thinking about Degrassi (as any normal person would do, right?), I thought what if Clare just had the baby prematurely. That would also qualify for something that has yet to be done, wouldn’t it?

    Aside from this one idea, do we know if any of these episodes are based during the summertime, or is Clare, Drew, etc. all gone after they graduate? Because if the last episodes are based in the summer, then that’s another way to create more time for Clare to carry out the entire pregnancy. I’m just spitballing ideas here, but of course none of these may matter lol, since there’s an episode titled “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, that kind of makes you think miscarriage.



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