Wise Up airs on Tuesday, November 4th at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada.

 MTV’s Promo

TeenNick :15 Promo – Drew/Becky

TeenNick :15 Promo – Miles

Posted by Kary


  1. when i think about a clew-baby i’m gonna hurl too
    seriously! why do the writers want a mini drew torres jegh



    1. LOLZ and don’t forget that it has Clare’s DNA too. Just imagine all of their worst traits rolled into one. The kid would be an uptight drama queen with a double digit IQ who serial cheats on all of their partners.



  2. Finally, everyone has been saying Miles has alolt with his dad and alot could happen and plots, well here it is. Last week is a continuation. MIles and Tristan and the bit with his dad. Also, Clare and Drew the baby. she said she wanted to keep it. Continuation. Keeping plots going. liking this season already. As for the bit with Eli yay i love eli. I feel like they continued Zoes plot too. I dont really want Becky to have a plot. I think Clare/Drew/ maybe Eli and Becky could be involved since her and Drew are daing. Than Miles/ Tristan, Miles dad. Next plot being Zoe im not sure maybe something with Zig he was in it a little. Maya also being involved in Miles plot a tiny bit with his dad. not Zoe and Zig. Clare baby explaing plot 1 from last week. Miles and tristan and dad last week. sometning zoe last week



  3. I still think Eli is the father. Clare could have conceived in October when Eli visited for Canadian Thanksgiving. The season starts after spring break – meaning Clare is about 5 months pregnant (the bump doesn’t really pop till 5-6 months). The fact that the doctor didn’t give Clare an ultrasound and Clare just assumed she had conceived about a month ago is a clue. Once she goes for a check-up, the doctor will tell her she is much further along than she thinks. Another hint is the false miscarriage – Clare could have experienced spotting the whole pregnancy and mistook it for her period. Additionally, the clip of Drew, Clare, and an upset Eli in the season promo shows Clare looking very pregnant – clear bump, making me think she’s 6 months along at that point. If this theory is right, then Clare could theoretically have the baby before graduation. The baby would be a month and half premature. I like this ending better than a miscarriage, but as many have pointed out, Degrassi hasn’t ever done a miscarriage before (and it would make sense with Clare’s cancer past).



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