We’re two weeks away from season 14 of Degrassi!  Here’s the latest promo from MTV:

Posted by Kary


  1. Did the writers and Stohn really think the fans would like Drew & Becky as a couple?? This is one couple that fans just don’t understand, my self included. I thought that kiss would be a one time deal.. The heat of the moment thing. I love Becky & Drew’s FRIENDship.

    As for Clare & Drew, I’m still open to that. What worries me is Eli going to go super crazy jealous or Be more obsessive getting Clare back this season. If any of these happen Clare needs to never go back. ( I’m having S11A deja vu)

    I’m worried Zoe will fall back to becoming that girl that many hate.



    1. I think that Zoe is going to be come the girl that everyone hates.



  2. I’m worried about miles and tristan, is miles family going to let them me together or is miles just using tristan to piss off his dad? I have no idea.



  3. Nahh the whole drew becky thing is good it will give drew somwhere to go when clare ends up with Eli They are meant for each other



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