Before we’ve even gotten a chance to watch a single episode, Degrassi wrapped up principal photography on season 14 last week.  The cast and crew finished up filming scenes for episodes 1425 and 1426 (titles unknown).

Since it was the last day of filming, they allowed members of the crew to slate some of the takes.  While fans focus their attention on the cast and key members of the crew, a lot of the people in the photos below don’t receive much public recognition from us.  We don’t receive many behind-the-scenes looks at the crew in general, so we don’t get to know who a lot of them are, despite many of them having worked on the show for years.


(L-R) | Rob Fletcher, Production Sound Mixer | Nancy Markle, Script Supervisor | Jason Webber, Camera Operator | James, Production Assistant | John Ralston (Mr. Hollingsworth)

(L-R) | Darren Martin, Craft Services | Mitchell Ness, Director of Photography | Robin White, On-Set Wardrobe | Jessica Carter, Makeup and Phil Earnshaw, Director | Sara Waisglass (Frankie Hollingsworth)

(L-R) | Sarah Glinski, Showrunner (Writer & Executive Producer) | Mark Hoffman, 1st Assistant Camera | Stefan Brogren, Director & Series Producer (& Principal Simpson) | “Mr. Tal,” 3rd Assistant Director | James McCrindle, Lead Dresser (Set)

(L-R) | James O’Reilly, Key Hair | Mark Pancer, Senior Assistant Director | Linda Keyworth, Production Coordinator | John Tennant, Key Grip | Karen Henwood, Lead Props

(L-R) | Dermot Hamilton, Electrics | Quinn Matthews, Assistant Makeup | Stephanie Williams, Supervising Producer


Posted by Kary


  1. I thought this was awesome.



  2. I thought they were doing 28 eps not 26? Unless this is just the finale block of 4 they did. The slates read 1425 not 1426.



    1. Unless it changed it should be 28, but which episode they were filming on the last day probably doesn’t mean much since they film stuff out of order anyway.



  3. a couple of these slides show 1427 the 27th episode.. jus fyi on “James McCrindle, Lead Dresser” and “Stephanie Williams, Supervising Producer”

    SO YAYYYYYYY!! cuz i thought there was only gonna be 26 episodes for a second i almost died haha. i think we can all assume the last 4 eps will be a movie-ish special. but its truly TRAGIC that clares class never got a movie!!!!!! even holly j got a movie!! but with zoe being an actress and miles being filthy rich, i admit it seems appropriate for a movie with the tenners. if now this season, somewhere down the line.



  4. Rellyjsincalire October 7, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    So upset its a short season ugh



    1. Im glad. season 13 was way too long for not doing at least half of it in telenovela style.



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