I posted smaller versions of these pics in my post about the season 14 premiere date, but here are super hi-res versions for the edit makers out there.

All of these pics from episode 1401, Smells Like Teen Spirit.

In the Season 14 premiere of DEGRASSI, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 9 p.m. ET), Clare has a serious dilemma that will affect her entire future and confides in Alli. Zoë sees red when Becky tells her she’s too much of a distraction for the power cheer team.

It’s time for Zoë to bring Becky down, literally. Miles and Tristan are getting close, but with his campaign in full swing, Mr. Hollingsworth is worried his son’s behaviour could damage his political prospects. An upset Miles decides to take annoying his father to a whole new level.


Posted by Kary


  1. Thanks for all the pictures and updates Kary :)



  2. What the hell, Zoe? That’s seriously all I have to say. Honestly, just… That’s… Wow.



    1. I Know right.. but the response I have is WHAT THE FRACK MAN?! I think something is SERIUSLY wrong with her. I wonder if she will feel bad for what she did. I think I know how it works.. Zoe does this to get back at her by not catching her and right when Clair talks to Drew Becky gets hurt. so I wonder how many episodes she will be disabled for? and Clair’s pregnancy doesn’t have anything to do with Allie. its none of her “bidness”. but I hope that Clair isn’t pregnant by the end of the 8th episode. cus that 1st “pic” I got with her around Drew & Eli was LOL. if she gets that big before the December episode ill lick a taxi cab seat! I wish they would tell us weather she gets an abortion (before she gets huge), has a miscarriage (yay) or goes through all that labor pain for something that wont survive. an Becky’s parents better help her till she feels better or their the dumbest parents ever. they still cant be mad right? an I daught she is going to college because her parents wont pay for anything. but I am exited to see Imogen’s mom:) I hope to see her during graduation.

      an I have a feeling Becky’s parents wont show up for it. an I still want to know is Drew ever going to find out about the “baby”. Clair could just get it terminated or go to the doctor to get into early labor without anyone knowing. i’m actually looking forward to this season an I feel sorry for the Hollingsworth dad. I think Hunter is officially the favorite. if all he does is play online games he’s harmless. but I hope Frankie don’t get pregnant. she could be the 1st 9th grader to do so. but because of what Zoey did I hope something bad happens to her. not like rape bad but injury bad. she deserves it. 1st she blames someone else for her thing an now this. an ya know what?! I think they should of had Zoe take a lie detector test because I think she did consent to it an she doesn’t want to be responsible. she blamed Luke for something she couldn’t blame drew.



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