Degrassi made its third appearance in four years at the Creative Arts Emmys this weekend.  Unfortunately, Degrassi didn’t win this time, but don’t feel too bad. All Disney (Dog with a Blog, Good Luck Charlie) and Nickelodeon (Degrassi, Nick News) shows we’re shut out by HBO’s, “One Last Hug: Three Days At Grief Camp.”

It looks like Degrassi has a little Emmy curse going, but honestly they’ve been going up against stiff competition. The Nick News program and HBO documentaries have a pretty firm grip on this category dating back well over a decade.

Below are various photos from this weekend:

Posted by Kary


  1. When can u tryout?



  2. Kary I was wondering how you do it with copyright and pictures? I’ve started my own blog and realised that I’d have to delete all of my posts about different series and stuff like that because I don’t own them. But you use pictures from the episodes for your reviews? Have you got permisson from epidome or something like that? I really want to be able to use pictures on my blog but I have no idea how or how to buy them:/



    1. Fansites are weird because they all may or may not infringe on copyrighted material. For instance if I just create a post with promo pics from an episode that could be considered a copyright violation, but if I’m using images in an episode review that might be considered fair use.

      I guess it kind of depends on how strict the copyright holder is about fans using their stuff. I don’t recall Viacom ever being consistently vigilant about shutting down fansites of shows they own the rights to, even though they’re pretty hardcore about having videos taken down on Youtube.

      I’ve never asked Epitome for permission, but they’re heavily engaged with the Degrassi fandom and fully embrace fansites and fan blogs. They actually encourage fan creativity and will promote images, gifs, etc that fans create on the official Degrassi tumblr. The only thing they’re really against is the leaking of episodes before they air. Like a lot of shows they’re of the mindset that fansites, etc. are valuable to an extent. Very little of Degrassi fans’ time is spent watching the show itself; it’s spent online on social media and fansites/blogs, and those things help keep fans engaged from week to week and when the show goes on hiatus for months at a time. Epitome knows cracking down on copyright would do more harm than good.



      1. So you think I can use the pictures? I didn’t want to use them for anything negative only for promotional purposes of the show! Know I’m just afraid someone will sue me for taking a picture off Google..


  3. Hey Kary, just wondering if you’ll ever do a “throwback” post again with pictures, like the one you made of the 2004 Mall Tours? That was so awesome and nostalgic!!!



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