Today’s been an interesting day in terms of Degrassi news.  Let’s get to the good stuff first.

Me holding Degrassi's International Emmy.  Though being nominated several times, the show hasn't won an Emmy since 1987.

Me holding Degrassi’s International Emmy. Though being nominated several times, the show hasn’t won an Emmy since 1987.

The Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and Degrassi was nominated for Outstanding Children’s Program.  It’s going up against Nick News with Linda Ellerbee, Dog With A Blog and Good Luck Charlie (Disney Channel), One Last Hug: Three Days At Grief Camp and Wynston Marsalis – A YoungArts Masterclass (HBO).

Degrassi has now been nominated for an Emmy three out of the last four years (2011, 2012 and 2014).  It’s interesting to note that in 2011 and 2012 the show was nominated with “TeenNick” listed as the network.  Now this year, it’s just listed under “Nickelodeon.”


Could presenting itself under the Nickelodeon umbrella help its chances?


If After Degrassi Canceled?


There was a BIG shakeup at MTV Canada and MuchMusic yesterday as Bell Media cut 91 jobs within its company, including firing Much VJ and After Degrassi host Lauren Toyota.  The Globe and Mail reports that the layoffs were part of Bell Media’s plan to cut up to 120 jobs in advertising and subscription TV services due to “financial pressure.”  MTV and Much were said to suffer substantial losses due to the sweeping cuts.

The reduction in staff also looks to have an impact on the Degrassi community.  When asked about the fate of After Degrassi, Lauren tweeted fans saying it’s been canceled.

The news of these cuts also explain why there has been no announcement from MTV about the Degrassi Parking Lot party.  The other day Stephen Stohn implied that they hadn’t heard anything from MTV.  If MTV is to host the party, it would happen on Tuesday, July 29.

If not, the Stohn said Epitome would try to host something on its own.

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  1. RIP after degrassi. it was great to have that for the show. sad to see it gone. but…. degrassi is always evolving



  2. I am fascinated by that young blonde hosts tattoos. I can’t think of another girl that young I’ve ever seen with that many tattoos. She must have a massively dysfunctional home life. She’s cute it’s too bad she ruined herself with a ton of horrible tattoos. She should be a character on degrassi.



  3. Canadian TV is undergoing some huge changes. What we’re seeing with the loss of After DeGrassi is a prime example. A few months ago, after the DeGrassi franchise was sold, I thought that the future was bright for many more years of the show. Now, I’m not so sure. Even the new shows that have been given approval for development are being done on the cheap. It ain’t like the old days, that’s for sure.

    The Emmy is a nice reward, although largely political. Personally, I’m not real impressed with another plaque for them to hang on the wall. The benefits of receiving an Emmy aren’t what they used to be, either. Sometimes they just make for a nice postmortem. So maybe it would be just as well for them to get slighted this year. We’ll see…



  4. honestly i truly believe degrassi will go to season 30 at the LEAST. look at soap operas like days of our lives, general hospital.. they both been going 50 years already!!! thats crazy!! and there setting up the future seasons of degrassi beautifully by adding characters like hunter and frankie. and i like to fantasize bout future seasons of degrassi so i did a lil list
    14th season claire senior yr
    15 maya junior yr (theyll prob add niners this yr after adding them in 11th and 13th
    16 maya senior yr
    17 maya senior yr (theyll split grd 12 for more tenner time. there an awesome class GRACE <3
    18 frankie senior yr
    19 frankie senior yr (theyll prob split it again)
    20 new niners senior year

    ………..and so on and so forth til season 30. linda and stephen will be like 82 and theyll retire

    and yes i kno i have no life ima degrassi addict LOL



    1. that was what I thought it would be like since 2001 like Beachcombers a Canadian soap and like Spike and Snake I thought the School and Toronto would be like every generation of students even Emma’s husband Spinner did a cameo to hire Eli



  5. How many seasons and episodes did After Degrassi had?



  6. A shame they got rid of the host who didn’t seem like she was drunk half the time.



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