I’m really looking forward to seeing how tonight’s episode of Degrassi will continue to build on the foundation we saw in How Bizarre.  I’ll go into more detail in my review of My Hero, but I’m liking how Degrassi is addressing a gray area such as honesty.  It’s one of those things where in theory we all want to be completely honest and truthful 100% of the time, and expect everyone to do the same.  But in reality, it just doesn’t work that way.

There are just so many different scenarios in life that vary in scale, then you have to break it down to whether or not the truth can hurt or help you.  Then you have to weigh the outcomes of your possible decision.  Yes, there are obvious situations where you must tell the truth, but what about everyday scenarios? Is it worth telling your annoying coworker that you hate them (and possibly piss them off to the point they make your work life miserable) as opposed to just ignoring their nonsense?  It really boils down to the individual situation and your personal views on how honest you should be.

In Drew’s case, it’s even more complicated.  He’s allowed his personal issues (aka the fact that he’s obsessed with being viewed as a good guy) to dictate his decision to hastily tell Mr. Hollingsworth about the sext.  I don’t think he needed to immediately run to Mr. H and confess as if he were going to be accused of doing something wrong.  It’s something I feel he should’ve at least tried to discuss with Frankie and Mrs. H first.  Instead, he just made the assumption that they’d go tell Mr. Hollingsworth, and we all know what happens when some decides to ass-u-me.

When it comes to Becky, I stand behind the decision she made to turn in her brother 100%.  Her parents’ behavior in How Bizarre should piss you off.  The bad part is it’s only going to get worse…this plot is setting up things for the trial, and Becky’s going to be forced into the awful situation of choosing either to remain true to herself and doing what she feel is  right (testify against her brother) or cave into the pressure her family will place on her to protect her brother.

I’m also ready for Zig’s plot, because tonight Degrassi will finally reveal the specific event that lead Zig to get kicked out of his parents’ house.

Posted by Kary


  1. Lol I had to do something really important when zig was talking about why he was kicked out. Can somebody explain please?:)



  2. He was selling pot outside the store; some guy came looking for Zig to rob him, but Zig was not there — however, his mom and little brother were there. The man had a gun. When his Zig’s mom later demanded he leave the gang, Zig refused. So she kicked him out.

    ^ I believe that’s how Zig explained it.



    1. *Zig was selling pot.



  3. It makes me wonder if Ma & Pa Baker even saw the video of Luke & Neil doing things to Zoe or Are they thinking its Zoe own fault because she was drinking. This angered me so damn much. What if this happened to Becky would her parents blame her too. If my brother did this my parents would have kept him in jail.



    1. Yeah I think people are assuming that the Baker parents have seen the video, but I don’t know why they would’ve seen it already. Becky was the last one who had the video before it was turned into the police, and I don’t think they’d just let anyone see it at that point. I also doubt the Bakers would’ve searched for it online. They’re in denial, which is much easier to do if they haven’t seen the video. It’ll be hard for them to act like Luke didn’t do anything wrong after the video is shown in court.



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