I haven’t had time to type an in-depth preview, so this will be brief.

I’m excited to see this episode.  It’s one that looks like it could be a lot of fun to watch, on top of the fact it’s dealing with some pretty serious stuff.

Life sucks for Becky, and she’s going to become consumed in something that isn’t extreme like drugs, etc.  We’ve all got our coping mechanisms, and watching her retreat into video gaming to take her mind off things looks to be entertaining. I’m also very excited to see how Luke’s current situation is taking a toll on the entire Baker family.

There’s also stuff with Chef Zig (him wearing that hat makes me laugh) and Drew getting himself into some unintentional drama.  I’m looking forward to seeing how Drew is able to handle life crapping on him again. He wants to be taken seriously in life, but has he actually learned how to deal with things like an adult?

Posted by Kary

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