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via TeenNick

Degrassi returns with an all new episode TONIGHT at 9pm, as we head into the final stretch of season 13.  I can honestly say that this season has been a rollercoaster ride in terms of how I’ve felt about it.  I’ve read lots of comments that generically write off season 13 as a complete wash, but I don’t feel that’s necessarily fair to the good things that have happened this season (Even season 8, a wildly unpopular season, had a few great moments).

For me, 13C was a massive step up in quality from where this season started last summer.  That’s great and all, but I also need Degrassi to step its game up even more in 13D.  My most anticipated storylines are Tristan and Yates, and of course the sexual assault trial and the personal archs for the characters involved.

Another arch that’s caught my eye is Drew’s.  I know people will whine about him always having storylines, and I get it.  Despite Eli fans and haters alike having spent season after season convinced that Eli is Epitome’s pet, Drew Torres has in fact been the show’s leading male since season 11.  With Eli out of the way, it’s only now that people are realizing Drew’s prevalence.  I was once on the “Drew is getting on my nerves” train, but since the latter half of season 12 I’ve been intrigued by what they’re doing with him as he tries to become mature.  It’s looking like he’s going to blow his job working with Mr. Hollingsworth’s campaign, and I want to see whether or not this kid has finally learned how to deal with failure.


Without the threat of a love triangle looming overhead, it looks like tonight Degrassi will FINALLY dig deeper into Zig Novak.  He behaved like an absolute ass in 13C, not only toward Miles but Maya as well.

I’ve yet to see anything that indicates Maya is interested in Zig romantically.  Despite that, Zig has managed to manipulate Maya and wrap her around his finger.  Zig isn’t aware of it, but he was able to do so easily primarily because of the amount of guilt Maya has harbored since discovering Zig was homeless.

In the end, the way she’s interacted with Miles and Zig all leads back to what happened with Cam.

I’m not sure what to expect with Winston and Frankie, two characters who are currently serving their time as secondary characters.  Degrassi’s done a pretty good job when it comes to finally giving these types of character the spotlight, so I’m confident things will be interesting.  I’ll post my review of this episode later tonight.

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  1. Rolled my eyes so hard at the zig “manipulating” maya. Can you say bias. And GMAB Miles was a jerk to Zig as well. Takes 2 to tango.

    But ignoring your bias comments and rooting on Zig and Maya finally becoming a couple.



    1. Miles at least tried for Maya’s sake, and Zig continued to be an ass, causing Miles to reciprocate. Zig has manipulated Maya, who seems to think he can do no wrong. She’s so afraid of Zig possibly self-destructing that anything and everything he does, she gives him a pass for just because Miles has “no idea what his life is like”. Zig knows she’s coddled him, and uses this to his advantage, getting Miles into trouble with Maya, and having her side with him because, in her eyes, he’s the victim.



    2. You don’t like the fact that I called Zig out on his crap, and because you don’t like what I said it must mean I’m “biased” against him and Zaya as a couple?

      Zig was manipulating Maya, period. He knew exactly what he was doing by antagonizing Miles. Zig was counting on Miles retaliating so that Maya would kick Miles to the curb. However, me saying Zig was a manipulative jerk DOES NOT mean I give Miles a pass. He was just as much as an asshole as Zig, completely unaware of the fact that if his dumb ass would’ve just ignored Zig, he’d still be with Maya (because again, Maya has zero romantic interest in Zig, and Maya was never in any danger of being “stolen away” from Miles by Zig).

      By the way, I have no interest in seeing neither Matlingsworth nor Zaya together…because God forbid I believe Maya should be single instead of dealing with two immature boys, whose current lives are unstable and will just drag her down into their nonsense. So please come up with a better argument than just telling me I’m biased.



      1. Thank you Kary.. Feeling is mutual.


  2. Kary,

    You mentioned, “Eli out of the way” above. I wanted to get your take on the amount of screen-time the character Eli and the other 3 graduating seniors who were given contracts for this season received. Last summer, they made quite a big deal about having 4 of the, then seniors, hang around a bit for 13. I’m not sure about their contracts, but they certainly didn’t get much time in front of the camera. I guess the character Eli made a few appearances, plus he had the webisodes. But the rest of them hardly ever saw the camera.

    I’m thinking that it had to be an advantageous arrangement for both parties. But unless they are all going to be featured prominently in 13D, the whole thing seems to be much ado about nothing. Your thoughts?

    Is 14 going to be the 2cd half of the school year? If so, I guess this will be the last hurrah for Clare and crew, huh?

    I’m just trying to put this all in perspective going into 14. If that’s the way it all shapes up then 15 will definitely be full of new faces and many changes. kb



    1. I agree that it’s all much ado about nothing. Heck, even when Eli has appeared on the show in season 13 it’s like he’s a generic version of himself. I absolutely do not want to believe that all of season 14 will be the second half of this school year. They’re already in the second half, so stretching it out even more would be overkill. I’m hoping that maybe the first block at most is them wrapping up the school year/graduation, then they start fresh in early 2015.



      1. So, do you think they will only have the graduating seniors around for the first couple parts? I’m just not seeing evidence of them hiring enough actors to fill all the spots that will be left empty once Ali, Clare, and the rest move on.

        This is why I was interested in what they did with the 4 seniors that were signed after their characters graduated in 12. If I look at it that way, well, that’s not good if we’d like to see some of them hang around a bit. I know I’m in the minority, but I liked the couple of seasons that they kept the storylines running for a graduating class. I realize they kept Spinner way too long, but the others were phased out nicely. I was hoping they were going to split the difference in 13, but other than Eli, the others were barely mentioned. If that was a test, well, they really didn’t give it a fair shot.

        Clare and her Class will be the last of an era. There won’t be any ties left to the DeGrassi of old. I’ve said it before, but I have a feeling that they will have to carry the Clare character off the set kicking and screaming! Anyway, I was just looking for some insight in what’s ahead for these people next season. Thanks!


      2. “They’re already in the second half, so stretching it out even more would be overkill.” That’s what I thought during season 10’s “In Too Deep”. If season 14 ends up being 28 episodes, it will end up being the same amount of episodes as the number of episodes we had in season 11 prior to the school year changing.

        While I do agree that it is still overkill, I feel like I’ve learned my lesson- let season 14 introduce the seniors of season 15, the payoff was worth it imo with Katie, Jake, Mo, & Marisol.


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