We’re less than two weeks away until Degrassi returns to TeenNick and MTV.  As we continue to wait around for something, anything (here’s to hoping a promo’s coming our way soon before the Memorial Day weekend), let’s look at the broadcast schedule for 13D.

June 3rd – 1331: You Are Not Alone
June 10th – 1332
: Enjoy The Silence
June 17th – 1333: How Bizarre
June 24th – 1334
: My Hero

July 1st – 1335: Hypnotize
July 8th – 1336
: Out Of My Head
July 15th – 1337:
July 22nd – 1338
July 29th – 1339 & 1340: Thunderstruck Pt. 1 & 2 (One-Hour Finale)


Posted by Kary

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  1. I hope we some a little happiness in the new promo if we get one.



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