13D Episode Titles

Per Kyle over at CableTVTalk, here’s an updated list of episode titles for 1331-1340 (NEW episode titles are in bold):

1331: You Are Not Alone
1332: Enjoy The Silence

1333: How Bizarre
1334: My Hero

1335: Hypnotize
1336: Out Of My Head
1339:Thunderstruck Pt. 1
1340: Thunderstruck Pt. 2


Season 14 Update

While we (the fans) are in the midst of Degrassi Season 13’s final hiatus, Epitome is in its third week of filming season 14.  They’ve already finished up one block of episodes and have started filming block #2:

It looks like @directedbyRT (aka RT Thorne) is making his return to Degrassi’s director’s chair in season 14, but in a different way than what we’re used to seeing from him.

If you’re unfamiliar with RT, he’s the guy who directed both the Shark In The Water and Bite Your Tongue summer promos.  As far as I know this will be RT’s first time directing actual episodes (note: He was at Epitome for a month last summer around the time they were filming 1321-1324, but I’m not sure what his role was at the time).

Also new behind the scenes is Canadian author Zoe Whittall (@zoewhittall).  She’s joined Degrassi’s writing team for season 14.

And finally…notice anything different about the front of Degrassi?

Bm4FOD4CIAAiVQX.jpg large

Photo via Reo Musik Group (@reomusik).

Posted by Kary


  1. Jessica H-M. May 7, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    New school sign in the last pic…and an author writing the show – interesting!



    1. I didn’t even notice the new sign until you said something



      1. Jessica H-M. May 7, 2014 at 9:52 pm

        I had to stare at the pic a few seconds before I saw it myself.


  2. Ugh. i guess Munro’s back… Don’t get me wrong I love Munro as an actor but Eli & Clare nauseate me. Mostly Eli.. Clare needs to move on from him. I know for damn sure its the Teennick & MTV Executives that are pushing this unhealthful couple. If this was there plan why would they destroy Clare as a person. So if I was a teenager I would think its ok to keep going back to this dysfunctional relationship and to glorify romanticize on unhealthy relationships.. This goes for Maya & Alli too.



  3. Why does Becky have a broken leg?!



  4. I’m actually SO excited to see what Zoe Whittall can bring to the table. Love her as a writer.



  5. Where you at hann what you about to do hann brick squad d block rip jojo



  6. The new characters are mostly awful except for Maya.



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