Sneak peek pic from Eli’s “Dorm Life” Webisode #3

With Clare officially breaking up with Eli in Sparks Will Fly, it was assumed that another Dorm Life webisode would follow within the next week or two.  The third webisode of this series will be released tomorrow, April 29th:

The webisode will be released at 9:30pm EST on multiple sites. Canadian fans will be able to watch it on MTV.ca, and Americans will be able to watch it on Degrassi’s official youtube channel.


UPDATE (4:10 4/28/14, 4:10pm EST)

MTV Canada says the webisode will be released on their website at 9:30pm EST:

For more details, check out MTV’s latest blog post: http://news.mtv.ca/blogs/degrassi/special-webisode-moving-on-eli-heads-back-to-nyc-with-a-broken-heart-sneak-peek/

Posted by Kary


  1. They said 9:30 est – 6:30 west



    1. Oops. I’m at work and only saw Stephen’s tweet. Why even bother waiting until 9:30 for a 3-5 min video?



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