Luke Bilyk and Ricardo Hoyos posing for pictures with fans during MuchMusic’s season 13 premiere party in 2013.

Since the reboot of the Degrassi franchise in season 10, the show has hosted a party for fans in the Bell Media parking lot in Toronto every summer.  In the past fans were able to get an up-close experience; MuchMusic hosted its New. Music. Live. program within the crowd, fans could get pictures with current and former cast members (some who would casually hangout within the crowd) as well as watch a screening of a new episode.

Though Degrassi switched from Much to MTV Canada last fall the two networks reside in the same building, and Stephen Stohn has confirmed that there will still be a parking lot party sometime this summer.

Every parking lot party to date has served to kick off a new season, but it’s looking like this summer’s will be a season 13 finale party.  Degrassi is returning in June to air the final ten episodes of season 13.  Barring any major broadcast change, 13D will span over a minimum of two months.  13D will be done either at the very end of July, or in August.  The show will take another hiatus, so season 14 won’t begin until this fall.

Fun Fact: Degrassi has not had a season premiere in September on either network since season 6.  CTV had far more September premieres than The-N, who preferred to start new seasons at the beginning of October.

Degrassi began filming season 14 on Tuesday, April 22nd.  For more info on season 14, check out “Season 14 Episode Count Revealed?” –> https://degrassiblog.com/2014/04/04/degrassi-news-4414-season-14-episode-count-revealed/

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