Next week’s After Degrassi will be the final one of 13C.  Aislinn Paul and Luke Bilyk will be the guests, plus a musical performance by Sarah Fisher and a surprise appearance by a Degrassi alum:


Posted by Kary


    1. Or Cassie Steele. She does have a new single out…



      1. Never mind…the post says he…stupid me!


  1. While Drake is most likely, given that a bunch of Degrassi alums formed a band together while they were on set? It’s possible that it could be any of them.



  2. Puh-leeze, in what world would drake agree to be in a 10 minute segment that he isn’t the focus and probably pays crap? And only plays in canada tv? Let’s get real for a moment, boy doesn’t even like mentioning he was on degrassi for like 7 years. He has spoken indirectly about degrassi by talking about his first audition and a snl dig at soap Canadian drama but never mentions degrassi by name, I’m guessing his ashamed…. He did 17 that tv show and never even mentioned degrassi.

    It’s probably Shane or jake.



    1. Well he did say he was from Degrassi High on SNL and that made me so angry lol but I do agree with you it’s Shane or Jake



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