Aislinn Paul and Cristine Prosperi take over the hosting duties for this episode of After Degrassi.

Posted by Kary


  1. Aislinn Paul has got to be the whitest girl I’ve ever seen. Does she have the longest tenure on the show now or did she arrive with the others currently playing seniors? Other than adults, I should say. Regardless, I have this impression that she will be the one that they’ll have to carry kicking and screaming off the set when her time comes to leave.



    1. Aside from Simpson, I think she has been a part of Degrassi the longest because remember she would make little guest appearances in Season 6&7 when Darcy was on the show until she got upgraded to a regular character. That’s the thing that sucks about Degrassi. Even if you’ve been on there a long time you know the show will go on (literally) without you.



      1. Yeah, that’s what I thought. If I remember correctly, she arrived and continued to wear her uniform or was that someone else? I know this has been discussed, but is this it for this years seniors? Will we have another wave of new characters or are they going to drag this school year out another season?


  2. She’s been on the show longest. In fact, I think except for the Simpson (the principal), she’s one of the oldest characters. (Not age wise, but her and her character have been on the show a long time.)



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