Sarah Fisher and Munro Chambers were on this week’s After Degrassi.  They talked about what’s in store for Beckogen, Eclare, Clew and more.

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  1. I hate to say this but Phoebe and Lauren are too judgmental about when it comes with interference with Eclare. They pass judgment on Lenore, Lenore to me sounds like a nice person who’s attracted to Eli. Eli treated her some what similar to what Drew did with Zoe. Like the boys did nothing wrong and didn’t understand why Zoe & Lenore were hurt. You would think as grown women they would have defended the women not the guy but they did. When Phoebe called Lenore a whore that just angered me even more especially coming from a grown woman. I am glad I don’t get After Degrassi in the states, these women make me ill. Munro had to defend Lenore’s character saying she is very nice after Phoebe said we don’t like her. All in All I hope Lenore and Eli are endgame I am sick and tired over the favoritism over a unhealthy couple who can’t get there shit together and yes I blame the writers too.. Sorry for the rant but damn, these teens are not learning a thing by After Degrassi.



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