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Previewing Episode 1319: Dig Me Out

Drew tries to juggle a job and a girlfriend; Alli tries to forget Leo by concentrating on work; Imogen plans a scathing piece for Degrassi TV.

Barring some big moment that the two can bond over, the foundation for Drew and Zoë’s relationship is pretty weak:  you’ve got a guy who’s looking for someone to stroke his bruised ego, and you’ve got a girl who’s absolutely willing to do so.  The only thing they have in common at this point is the fact they’re both attractive, and they want to make out with each other.  Promos and previews show that there’s a disconnect between the two and how serious they each view their relationship.  Because Degrassi loves to use a basic lack of communication between couples to generate drama, at this point it’s just a matter of when and how these two will falter.

The thing to watch out for though is the return of Imogen Moreno, who has the rare treat of having her own plot tonight.  Just the thought of the situation itself has gotten under my skin in regards to the double standards, and of course the lack of common sense from the adults involved (ironically it’s common nowadays to hear stories in the news where school administrators make stupid decisions).  So while people might be quick to write this off as not being “good enough” of a plot to give the seldom-focused-on Imogen, I still think it could be a good one depending on how it chooses to play things out.

There’s also another Alli plot as she focuses on school and not Leo.  Let’s hope no other boys are involved and that this is simple filler.  My review for this episode will be posted on Wednesday.  I’ll post the promos for next week’s episode (Power To The People) tonight.

Also, below are the details about Degrassi’s Treasure Hunt Contest as well as promo pics from tonight’s episode.


Degrassi Treasure Hunt Contest!

Paying attention during tonight’s Degrassi could help you win prizes!  Degrassi’s holding a contest where you answer questions about tonight’s episode.  All answers will be found in this episode.  In order to enter the contest, you MUST post your answers in the comments section of this link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=750804361596927&set=pb.406329686044398.-2207520000.1392066433.&type=3&theater

The winner will be randomly selected.  Here are the questions:


“Dig Me Out” Promo Pics

Posted by Kary


  1. Seeing Luke Baker amongst the pics for this episode…I’m calling it now. I think Drew and Zoe “break” up in this episode. And either at the end if this episode or within the next couple of ones, she goes to another party at Miles’ place, gets drunk…and it’s Luke and his buddies who take advantage of her. It would explain so much about why Becky is suddenly by her side later in the season – and Becky’s reaction to seeing the pics of Zoe at the party. Anyone agree?



  2. I can’t believe that Zoe and Drew had sex!!



  3. OMG Zoe getting drunk having sex with Luke I called it!



  4. when Zoe told Drew it was her first time, I thought back to Drew and Katie! I wouldn’t be surprised if guilt from that past relationship played a role in Drew deciding to stay with Zoe at the end of the episode.



  5. I like how they have sex



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