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Degrassi returns with a new episode tonight at 9pm called “Better Man,” though it’s essentially part 2 of the episode “The World I Know.”

Things have reached a breaking point in Alli’s relationship with Leo, and of course tonight he’ll come crawling back.  I hope this  plot continues to be strong.  Other than that, I’m not expecting much from the other plots.  Drew’s plot was surprisingly good last week, but things switch up just a bit this week:  he’s going to use Zoë in order to make Clare jealous.  Also, I’m not sure what to expect from Maya (who will suddenly be dressing up like the “rubber room” crew in order to fit in), but I hope the show doesn’t beat around the bush in having her and Zig thoroughly address the elephant in the room.

My review for this episode will come on Wednesday.  To view the network promos for this episode, click here.  Promo pics from tonight’s episode can be viewed below.

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