Degrassi was in attendance at this morning’s Canadian Screen Awards nomination broadcast, and walked away with five nominations this year:

*Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Program or Series (Degrassi)

*Best Direction in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series (Stefan Brogren, The Time of My Life)

*Best Writing in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series (Ramona Barckert, Bitter Sweet Symphony Part 2)

*Best Performance in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series (Dylan Everett, Bitter Sweet Symphony Part 1 | Munro Chambers, Ray of Light Part 2)

Not only was Dylan nominated for Degrassi, but he also has another nomination in that same category for his role on Wingin’ It.

Degrassi will attend the CSA awards ceremony on Wednesday, March 5th.  A CSA broadcast will take place on Sunday, March 9th on CBC.  Below are some photos taken from today’s nomination ceremony:


Demetrius Snubbed?

I’ve been lurking through the fandom today and there’s some disappointment among fans because Demetrius didn’t receive a nomination along side Dylan and Munro.  Even in my review of Bitter Sweet Symphony I said Come next awards season, I don’t see how Demetrius walks away empty handed.”

Stefan took time to clarify why Demetrius wasn’t nominated:

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  1. Well than why is there no supporting role category like the Emmys or Oscars?!



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