I’m not sure what’s going on, but until today every indication has been that Degrassi is returning on January 16th.  Heck, even the other day Degrassi started showing up in network listings!

We now know that the date has been changed (which partly explains the lack of promotion by the networks and media).

Earlier today Ana Golja tweeted her excitement about Degrassi returning in 8 days (on January 16th), however she just tweeted that there is a new 13C premiere date:

Since all of the networks have been saying “Coming this January,” that only leaves January 23rd or the 30th as the new date if Degrassi will stay on Thursdays.  Per Stephen Stohn, the official 13C announcement will be made on Friday, January 10th.

Posted by Kary

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  1. I hope they give us a new Eli: Dorm Life in the mean time. It’s the best thing about season 13.



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