So yesterday MuchMusic announced that Luke Bilyk is going to be one of the Presenters at this year’s Much Music Video Awards on June 16th.  With that said, here’s an uneventful sneak peek for you (because I’ve only got one pic for you)…one of Drew’s gallery shots for season 13:


Drew’s sporting a slightly shorter look in the upcoming season compared to the previous seasons:


When Will MuchMusic Officially Announce TTOML?

We’re basically two weeks away from TTOML airing and as of writing this Much has yet to promote the June 21st airdate (we know you’ve got pics and promos for us Much, hand em over peacefully!! lol) .  They did mention the airdate during their release about Luke presenting at the MMVA’s, but other than that not a peep.


Posted by Kary


  1. I hope the writers use Drew well this season and not repeat the same pattern they did with you know who during her second senior year.



    1. I agree with you totally on this. I hope that each year the writers learn from their mistakes in the previous season since it is still fresh in their memories. Otherwise it would be an absolute shame to see it repeated again with Drew. Very good point!!!



  2. Is it just me, or am I predicting they’ll pull a Sav on him this season?

    Still like his season 10 hair the best. This new one is uh…..



    1. Legitimately curious: what’s your definition of ‘pulling a Sav”?



      1. I’d say it’ll be more like how they progressed with Sav during his senior year. Examples would be like becoming president, dating the VP (which is Clare but only if Bianca dumps him), etc


    2. DegS12isreallyoneofthebest June 8, 2013 at 3:40 am

      He looks way more mature now.. and sexier..



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