*Promo pics for Zombie: https://degrassiblog.com/2013/03/28/degrassi-promo-pics-zombie/

*Vote in the Degrassi March Madness Championship: https://degrassiblog.com/2013/03/28/vote-2013-degrassi-march-madness-championship/

Posted by Kary


  1. @Kary

    Um, so this doesn’t actually relate to this specific post, but I definitely think every Degrassi fan should read it if they haven’t already. I don’t know how it makes me feel… But wow.




  2. ^Reading that made me seriously question things, however I do think she was a bit out of line. Some characters are simply made to be support characters. Hazel was one of them. They aren’t always black either. Look at Owen! Hazel got more screen time than him. And plenty non-white people have dealt with non-stereotypical story lines since the days of Hazel. That post feels kinda sketchy.



    1. I’m sorry but I agree with wholeheartedly with her post and I don’t think it’s out of line.

      Seriously, the whole “there are white characters that don’t get plots” defense is getting old and tired. Yes, there are white people like Owen, Derek or Bruce to name a few who are equally as irrelevant as Hazel is(if not more.). BUT there are plenty of more white characters like Emma, Paige, Holly J, Eli, Ellie, Spinner, Clare…..I can go on forever….who get A LOT of development and plots. So, that defense ain’t going to work anymore. Sorry. Especially of all the black characters on it, the only ones who ever got a lot of development and plots were Jimmy, Liberty, Dallas and (for a SHORT period of time)Dave. AND to top it off, the only one of those black characters who got ALL of the appreciation they deserved is Dallas.

      Sorry but Andrea has a point. If you’re not black, you simply won’t get it nor would you care to.



      1. I’m Hispanic so I can relate and I do get it. However, honestly speaking I’ve always just thought that Toronto was a very white city so obviously the majority or characters are gonna be white. I looked it up and there is actually only 8% blacks, there’re are more Chinese 11% and south Asian 12%. But there have been more black characters than Asian (lea, 1). Blacks have been more than represented. So really you can not complain about degrassi specifically. Other shows, yes.


  3. Also about Andrea Lewis, if she felt she could have done better she should have just left the show like so many ppl have when they were presented with a better opportunity or because they didn’t like how things where. Everyone wants to be the star, but some characters really are better as supporting cast. To me to is just a bitter girl who is still unhappy that she didn’t get to star after 6 years working on the show, which would make a lot of people frustrated, yes, but those people would probably try to look for something elsewhere. I’m not dismissing the lack of color actors (black, Hispanic, Asian, watevs) because this is seriously a huge problem, but not all people who want to act make it or have the talent.



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