Thank you all for the thousands of votes you cast in the Degrassi March Madness Prelims! Those votes were used to rank all 64 characters in this year’s tournament.  Below is the official bracket (click on it to see the full version):

DMM2013 First Round

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Let’s take a close look at the four divisions:

DMM2013 1st Round Dumb Bitch

*Cam is the #1 overall seed in this tournament…he received the most amount of votes during the preliminary round.  I doubt he will have much trouble breezing through the first couple of rounds.  The bottom half of this bracket is stacked with a lot of strong characters (Tristan, Manny, Darcy, Spinner)…out of those 4, I honestly couldn’t tell you which one will make it to the Elite 8.


DMM2013 1st Round Pedestrian

*Clare received the second most amount of overall preliminary votes behind Cam, which is kind of surprising.  I guess I’ve spent too much time in the part of the fandom where everyone feels the need to constantly hate on her no matter what she does.  I’ve always gotten the perception from the fandom that if someone doesn’t like her, they absolutely hate her.  I still think she’ll go pretty far though.  A lot of the First Round matchups seem like no brainers, except for the Emma vs. Drew one.  I feel like that’s one that will be close and can go either way.  Alli vs Dave is the only ship battle anywhere on the bracket in the First Round.


DMM2013 1st Round Cucumber

*Dallas is an even more surprising #1 seed because he came out of nowhere.  He looked to be a #2 seed most of the week, but ended up beating out both Maya and Adam for that top spot.  This is the only bracket where I feel confident that the #1 and #2 seeds will meet, but who actually represents this division in the Final 4 is a tossup.


DMM2013 1st Round I Had Sexxx

*If I had done this bracket last year, Eli would’ve been the #1 overall seed without a doubt.  Behind Spinner, Sean had the most preliminary votes out of any of the TNG characters.  A big surprise is how many votes Simpson received…I would’ve guessed that he would be a 12 or 13 seed, not #5.



The Degrassi March Madness tournament begins on Monday, March 18th at 10am EST and ends on Friday, March 29th at 10pm EST.  Here is the schedule:

Mon 3/18, 10am – Tue 3/19, 11pm: 1st Round voting
Wed 3/20, 10am – Thu 3/21, 11pm: 2nd Round voting
Fri 3/22, 10am – Sat 3/23, 11pm: Sweet 16 voting
Sun 3/24, 10am – Mon 3/25, 11pm: Elite 8 voting
Tue 3/26, 10am – Wed 3/27, 11pm: Final 4 voting
Thu 3/28, 10am – Fri 3/29, 10pm: Championship voting

The champion will be named on Friday 3/29 at 1opm.

*You will only be able to vote one time for each individual character battle.  Every round has multiple character battles (except for the Championship round).  For each battle you will vote for whichever character you want to move onto the next round.  The characters that receive the most votes in their battle will move onto the next round.  In the event of a tie in the number of votes, voting will be continued for an extra hour. (NOTE: Some battles may end up in a 50% – 50% tie, but the characters do not have the same number of actual votes.  In that case, the character with the most number of actual votes wins.  All votes are processed by Polldaddy).

*I do not (and will not) take part in any voting.  I simply monitor the voting process and that’s it.


Win Degrassi DVDs Playing In The Degrassi March Madness Pool!

Just like with the real March Madness, try and guess who will win every battle and ultimately win the championship.  All you have to do is click on the link below and save a copy of the bracket to your computer:

Then you must fill out the bracket with your guesses (if you don’t have photoshop, etc, your computer’s standard paint program will work) and email it to me at The email must also contain:

*Your name
*CHAMPIONSHIP TIEBREAKER: How many votes will the champion win by? (the person closest without going over will win the tiebreak)

You will receive points for every correct guess on the bracket.  Here’s the points system:

1st Round: 1 pt
2nd Round: 2 pts
Sweet 16: 3pts
Elite Eight: 4 pts
Final Four: 6 pts
Championship: 10 pts

The person with the most points will win Seasons 10 (the complete set), Season 11 (both Part 1 & 2), and Season 12 Part 1 on DVD.


Good Luck!

Posted by Kary


  1. Shauna Harrison March 16, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    do we have to do the tie breaker?

    Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 18:42:48 +0000 To:



  2. Kary, when is the Season 12 Part 1 DVD going to be released?



    1. I have no idea, hopefully it’ll be released before season 13 starts!



  3. I voted for 3/4 of the characters who ended up being the #12 seed. Interesting. Too bad only one of them has a remote chance of moving beyond the first round.

    Some of these brackets are hilariously unbalanced in terms of popularity (Cam vs. Damian, Eli/Bruce, JT/Chantay). It will be interesting to see the percentages.



  4. Albert Smarowsky March 18, 2013 at 7:06 am

    What made this hard for me was trying to pick my favorites, but at the time I know some that I liked a lot of people hate



    1. Ditto. Most of the ones that I voted for are losing so far. The ones that aren’t are basically spite votes, because I REALLY don’t want Emma or Mia to advance.



  5. im usure of how to filll out my own bracet using paint ..? help



  6. I hope Dave beats



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