I saw some Canadian fans say they heard a Degrassi ad on the radio yesterday, but I didn’t think anyone would be able to actually snag a copy of it (FYI: I work in radio…if it were up to me every commercial stopset in America would be nothing but Degrassi ads next week).  I’m assuming this is the original source…thanks WalkinggParadoxx for recording it!  You can listen to/download it below:

Audio download link (right click, save target as)


Posted by Kary


  1. Wait what does that person say from 00:19-00:23



  2. “I wish I could go to sleep now and never wake up.” Oh, Cam is so dead.



  3. Did I here that right “You do drugs and get naked. Now who said it Jake or Eli. Oh my gosh. Something about being pregnant again. & My scary favorite I attract death?? This is going to be a crazy 10 weeks.



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