Tomorrow I will be reviewing the Season 2 episode “Don’t Believe The Hype.”  The challenge of going back and reviewing old episodes is cleaning my mental slate of generic opinions (good or bad) that I’ve had about the episodes for years, then reevaluating the episode from a critical perspective.  I’ve watched this episode more times this week than I have over the last 10 years, trying to analyze this episode from every possible angle and thoroughly questioning why I labeled this as one of Degrassi’s worst episodes.  I’m not going to tell you what I think about the episode now (you’ll have to wait for the review), but Don’t Believe The Hype does prove something that I’ve said before when giving out plot grades:  no grade I post is ever set in stone.  That’s especially true for episodes that I haven’t written reviews for.

There are no known network promos for Don’t Believe The Hype, but back in 2005 for some unknown reason I decided to create a promo for this episode.  You can view it below.

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  1. Of course people always wanna hate when the black girls get a rare shot at a main-plot. This episode isn’t up to par with “When Doves Cry” or “Time Stands Still” but I thought it was very good.



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