The Degrassi Season 11 Part 2 DVD is officially on sale.  On top of delivering the final 16 episodes of Season 11, it packs in over 30 minutes of bonus content with deleted scenes, bloopers, behind-the-scenes videos and webisodes.  Unless you’re one of those people who have been dying to marathon the heck out of these episodes, buying this DVD immediately is unncessary.  There’s quite a bit of familiar content when it comes to the behind-the-scenes stuff, so you aren’t missing out on anything so incredibly new and amazing (plus a lot of this stuff, especially the bloopers, are virtually guaranteed to end up somewhere online soon).

The most frequent question I receive when it comes to the DVDs is where people can by them.  As far as buying them in an actual store? I have no idea. I’m adamant about buying things in store, but I’ve given up on that when it comes to Degrassi DVDs because there’s no consistency in stores stocking them on their shelves anymore, if they stock them at all.  Buying online is the best route.  The list price is $19.99, but buy it online and you can get it for $14.99 (These are of course American prices, Canadian prices may or may not differ).  If you’re patient and wait a couple of months, the price will drop down to $9.99.  And if you’re even more patient, you might be able to snag the COMPLETE Season 11 boxset for anywhere from $15 – $30.

This Part 2 DVD only contains one double-sided disc:

My only real complaint about the DVD is that episode menus are the same as they were for the Part 1 DVD, they list the episode numbers as opposed to the episode titles:

When I popped in the DVD and saw this again I screamed out loud, “Are you kidding me? STOP THIS BULLSHIT!”

For the love of all that is holy Echo Bridge, use the episode titles and not the dang episode numbers. I really don’t want to have to drive up north and break this DVD over someone’s head.


Bonus Features

The bonus videos on this DVD are kind of weird.  Overall they’re just OKAY…I didn’t find myself getting as excited about them as I did the videos on the Part 1 DVD.  There are A LOT of clips from these videos that have already been posted online, whether it was by MuchMusic or TeenNick, eventually landing on tumblr.  However, these features on the DVD are different cuts of what’s been released, so new footage has been woven in with the old stuff.

The bloopers are, as always, amusing.  There are only 3 deleted scenes, and two of them involve Dave dealing with Jacinta’s accident.  The one deleted scene that sticks out in my brain as most interesting is the third one with Bianca, Drew, Audra and Adam.  Side B contains all four parts of The Power Play mini, which is useless until the awesome dance number in Part 4.  The 4-minute behind-the-scenes feature for the mini is also far more entertaining than the first three parts of the mini itself.

Unfortunately, this DVD doesn’t contain any episode commentary.  I remember being told months ago that there wouldn’t be any.  Hopefully they will have time to record commentary for the Season 12 Part 1 DVD because the commentary is always a fan favorite.

Below is a list of the extra features (there’s bonus stuff on both sides of the DVD), as well as brief descriptions of them:


Bugs & Harry Potter (length – 1:57)
Behind-the-scenes shenanigans by the cast while filming the episode Nowhere To Run.  Includes bug talk by Justin Kelly and the cast obsesses over Harry Potter.

Frostival (length – 1:31)
Behind the scenes of the Frostival episode, In The Cold Cold Night.  Includes Fimogen filming their ferris wheel scene, plus the cast talks “Eclare is baaaaaack!”

Jahmil vs. Melinda (length – 5:15)
The two do a bunch of challenges against each other to determine who is better, from arm wrestling to staring contests and more.

On Location With  AJ (length – 1:30)
AJ leads viewers through a location shoot as they shoot scenes with the football team, as well as Katie’s soccer scenes.

The Niners (length – 3:09 )
Olivia, Alex and Lyle talk about being the new kids at Degrassi.



Bloopers (length – 4:55)

Deleted Scenes
Nobody Uses The Front Door Anymore (length – 1:44): Bianca and the Torres family are having dinner and watching TV.  Drew comes clean to Audra about Katie’s drug abuse.

Dave’s Not Here (length – 1:17): Alli and Adam talk about how Dave still isn’t over Jacinta’s accident.

Alli Feels Guilt (length – :39): Dave is obsessed over the comments being posted on Jacinta’s Facerange page…Alli tells Jenna she feels guilty because she told him about it.

Making A Mini (length – 4:01)
A behind-the-scenes look at The Power Play mini.

Degrassi Mini: The Power Play, Parts 1 – 4

Posted by Kary


  1. first ughh where can i but the dvd i live in dallas tx and they dont sell anything from degrassi what sittes can i buy things from degrassi??



    1., or you can buy it from maybe Best Buy or Barnes & Noble…they can ship it to you and maybe also ship it to a store near you



    2. It’s you Karina!! You live in Texas too? omg we’re too alike.
      I wanna get this.



  2. This is sort of extremely off topic, but I just saw this poster and I’m freaking out! It’s JULIA. The same photo of her and everything… O_o What is life?



    1. That’s just a stock photo lol, the model in the picture gave away the rights for anyone to use it.. It was on the cover of a book that was published in 2010.



  3. It honestly amazes me how rarely you can find the series in stores. I just have to figure that if they carry something online and are able to mail it to you, then it has to be in the building somewhere. My sister and her ex bought me Season 6 at Best Buy 3 years ago, but they’ve really cut their stock down. F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment) has them frequently though, that’s where I bought Season 2. They had Degrassi Junior High last time I went in February.



  4. Does anyone have Degrassi Season 11 parts 1 & 2? If so are you wanting to sell them if so how much looking for new or used within a reasonable price range. On a very tight budget this holiday season and my daughter loves the show. Please help me ebay amazon selling them at outrageous prices. Thank you



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