Degrassi Season 10 kicks off tonight at 10pm EST!  I really haven’t mentally processed anything about what’s going on this season, but I’m just glad to have Degrassi back.  All I know about tonight’s episode is that it involves Krew, EClare, Drianca, the hockey boys, and a party with a lot of drunkeness.  I can’t even remember the last time there was a REAL house party during an episode (might’ve been Rock This Town? I can’t remember anything right now).

I’m kind of in a weird zone right now because this is my last day in Toronto and I’m headed to MuchMusic after I post this. I went down there earlier to scope out the place…of course there were already fans lined up as early as 9am:

I hope to be randomly tweeting throughout the event.  You can follow my twitter feed here:

An overwhelming majority of the current cast will be there (we know for sure Jessica Tyler won’t be there, she’s in NYC today) as well as Stephen Stohn, Stefan Brogren and I *think* the Degrassi writers will be there too.  Ray Ablack announced he will be at the premiere, as well as the actors that played Jacinta, Vince and Anson in Season 11.

For those fans who have DirecTV, I haven’t been able to keep up with it since I’ve been in T.O., but it’s not looking good.  I know the Stohn said something about TeenNick having a livestream, but I’m not sure if that means they’re going to legit livestream it or just have the episode available on their website shortly after the episode airs on TV.  If anyone has any idea what the heck is going on please share…all I know is that from the handful of recent articles I’ve read this thing could be over in days, or WEEKS.  The timing of this really sucks, though I’m sure there will be fans who can (and will) provide their own livestream and/or download of the episodes.

61 thoughts

  1. Parties are a really good way to start and end story lines.
    Hopefully there will be more since there are real jocks now.


  2. What’s going on with DirecTV? Is it just plain not working? It’s funny because my family has Dish and we were thinking of switching to DirecTV…


      1. They’re in some kind of pissing match with Viacom over money. Really, someone (the FCC?) should be empowered to step in and force a settlement.


      2. To be civil I’ll say there is no one right or wrong in the dispute. However it is Viacom who’s asking for more money which would drive up DirecTV viewers’ bills. Just sayin’


  3. Viacom has forced directv to take down their channels including mtv..vh1…and all nick channels until viacom gets more money..directv is currently trying to make a deal to get the channels back up


  4. I think Viacom just wants to screw over everyone who likes Degrassi and that’s why they picked now. =(
    Or I’m just feeling really sorry for myself, being that I have DirecTV.


  5. I have directv and called and let them have it but no it’s not looking good. The way they discussed it you can watch on


    1. They’re in contract with Viacom and Viacom wants to make more money so no contract was reached so means they removed all Viacom channels and nick was 1 of them :(


  6. My brother actually works as a supervisor at a DIRECTV center in Tennessee. He said that they are coming close to a decision but that it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a month. It seems to me like Viacom and DIRECTV are both coming to a settlement soon, but until then I guess those of us with DIRECTV will have to watch Degrassi on online. Teenick is still going to stream it online – but you have to watch that episode within 24 hours of its release, because they will be replacing it with the new one every night.

    I also watch Teen Wolf on MTV and I’m not able to view it tonight either. This really sucks. I’m missing all of the shows I watch except for Pretty Little Liars. I can’t even watch Teen Mom or Awkward. Viacom and DIRECTV need to get over their pissing contest and settle within the next week.

    Anyway, I’m excited to have Degrassi back tonight. Anyone know the site where they upload Degrassi episodes? I used it last year and the year before. I think the guy who does it is named Kyle or something. That would be a ton of help. I’m going on vacation this coming Wednesday and I won’t be able to see any of them if Teenick is only airing the episodes for 24 hours on their website.


  7. I have comcast and they took teennick off the standard cable package on saturday, I tried to watch the marathon friday night and found it blocked unless I upgrade. Awful timing for that might I add.


  8. I watched all of now or never on teen The episodes didn’t go away. They were reliably posted. It’ll be alright, guys.


    1. Yeah, but the teennick site now says that they are only going to be posting the episodes for 24 hours and then replacing it with another new episode. I bet it has something to do with Viacom.


  9. Early thoughts…

    – Dallas and Becky are going to be great
    – Thank god indeed, Bianca…va-va-vavoom!
    – Still don’t care about Drew but looking forward to Psycho Katie


  10. So just a few comments on season 13 premee.

    I’m so disappointed that they played a one direction song on the show. That’s ridiculous. They also played call me maybe in the season 11 finale which was stupid ugh

    The opening credits are so girly and gay lol and thats coming from a gay dude. They were just weird, characters who barley interact are hanging together in the credits. And the new version of the song is lame.

    I love the beginning though, how all the characters were interacting in a huge group when they walked up to the school, it was funny.

    I’m seriously tired of the drew/Bianca/Katie love triangle shit. Drew is annoying about not choosing. This storyline better end within the first week I we episodes or I’ll be pissed.

    Clare and Eli are back together finally! Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into Semma 2.0

    The whole maya storyline was alright but it didn’t have enough screen time for me to get a feel for it.

    Besides all this is was a good season premiere


  11. Eli literally handed Clare his balls. I could not stop laughing over that exchange, even if we’re stuck in Eclare hell again. Hopefully Jake is able to get a life of his own this season. Sorry Eli. You have to deal with the succubus now. Jake is a free man.

    Tristan and Tori were hilarious at the lockers with Maya. I look forward to both of their stories evolving this season.

    Owen seems to have aged another 5 years since we last saw him. He’s going to be my new Chantay, 35 and still stuck at Degrassi.

    Really solid episode, slowly introducing a few of the newbies, although Drew really came off as a giant douche. Even if he goes back to Bianca, I can’t imagine she would appreciate him hooking up with Katie. I hope she calls him out on that.


  12. Well I personally really liked this episode. All character actions made sense. Eli’s especially. He seems to be dealing with things much better than he usually does. I’m so happy they finally did a realistic high school party. No balloons, colorful lights, or background like music. It was finally a lot of alcohol, LOUD music, and tons of people.


  13. Spoiler Alert!!

    I liked the episode a lot. First Impressions: Dallas is such a jerk, but he’s gonna be a fantastic antagonist. Eclare part 2: is off to a good start. The party was much more realistic than the most recent ones. I feel bad for Maya, her storyline is very relatable.

    Oh and Eli gets 50 awesome points for punching Dallas in the face (it was in a promo


  14. Much opened their livestream of the pre-party to US viewers, and to my surprise it stayed opne through the actual episode, oddly with the DVS turned on. I didn’t hear any of the music because of that.

    Becky already did everyone a huge favor by stopping Adam from burning the uniforms. The way Degrassi parties are cursed, they probably would’ve burned the house down.

    Speaking of the uniforms, I wonder if the rumor about the school being closed (that seemed to come from nowhere) got started when Mrs. Torres found out in advance (remember, she’d on the school board), had Dallas just borrow a polo from Drew for the one day he’d need it, and told the other Ice Hounds’ host families to do the same.


  15. Wow… well I was wrong. I thought the Eclare reuniting would take a lot longer. :P

    It was a cute episode. Seemed to go by really fast. Why was Drew saying, “I did it” at the end? Did he and Katie have sex?


    1. This is just a theory, but I think when he said “I did it” he meant he had sex, then he passed out, and when he got up again and the guys told him he did it, he took it as breaking up with Katie. I think he won’t remember the sex, but he’ll think he broke up with her.


      1. Drew said “I did it” after the guys asked “how did it go?” and then he fell down. He proclaimed it loudly and more proudly after he was sat up. He doesn’t apparently remember having sex with Katie or, given his track record, could be lying in hopes of not hurting Bianca and trying to make a clean (but hurtful) break with Katie.



    I loved loved LOVED the episode! Eclare finally got back together! What makes it awesome is for once clare was the one who brought it up. Also, eli was mature about it saying how she has to be %100 sure and that he didnt brought the kiss up because he came so far from the past that he cant go back to his old ways. When drew said “i did it” im sure that we all know that he meant that katie and him had sex. Drew is just scared and he cant just stay with katie but not tell her about bianca. He wants to be with bianca, so he needs to break up with katie and tell her why. I can already tell that Dallas is just going to be a gigantic jerk to everyone and Becky seems one of those very annoying cheerful kind of people. When i saw maya with those cups that makes boobs look bigger, i just shook my head in disappointment. Maya never seemed like one of those low-selfasteem girls. The promo after the episode shows that the new team is just going to cause soo much drama than the other characters ever did. I have a feeling that this season is going to be one of degrassi’s best.


  17. That… was actually a really enjoyable premiere. I don’t know what it is, but something about having a party as the backdrop made everything twenty times more fun to watch. It was also a great way to bring so many different characters together.

    As much as I desire a universal ban on all love triangle stories in television, this Drew-Bianca-Katie conflict really drew me in tonight. Luke and Alicia have fantastic chemistry, and it transfers well into a ship I could care less about. Funny how I also finally feel something real between Krew just as they’re falling apart (really loved the scene in Drew’s bedroom). I think we all know how this whole thing is going to turn out, but it was executed really well tonight, especially in the end when they left what Drew did with Katie ambiguous.

    Sometimes I think I hate Drew for all the selfish and dumb crap he pulls, but when he says things like “Adam’s a guy. You make fun again. I’ll make your life hell,” it makes me realize he’s a good guy deep down.

    I get wary of Eclare sometimes because I think they’re the only couple of this generation that has real substance, and I believe the writers do a disservice to them when they give Eclare scenes that don’t feel genuine in favor of giving them fluffy moments. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade because I really did think the final Eclare scene was beautiful in a lot of ways. However, I am not even close to being satisfied with that “talk” they had. I wasn’t expecting a twenty minute conversation, but I did expect Eclare to spend a decent amount of time addressing the past and apologizing for all the hurt they caused each other. I was just rewatching S11, and they really did some fucked up stuff to each other, stuff you just can’t gloss over. I don’t know, it just doesn’t sit completely right with me. They deserved more than a two minute conversation at the end.

    Maya is just perfection. The whole niner group is perfection. Love their interactions with each other, it feels really natural. I laughed when Zig just randomly walked away from them during the boob talk in the mall, hahah. Gotta love awkward niner story lines.

    Oh, and Shanice has amazing hair.


  18. In the promos for Showdown, Katie says, “We had sex.” That pretty much clears up exactly what went down in Drew’s bedroom.
    I like the party idea and they hinted at a lot of future issues with the hockey team, Becky, etc.
    Maya…I never had her problem, but this can’t end well. Zig’s facial expressions, if you managed to catch them, were priceless.
    I personally thought the ball tossing thing was adorable and so moving at the same time. I agree they reunited way too soon, but the writers know Eli is graduating, and maybe going to NYU, this season and they have to squeeze in as many plots as possible to please the insane fans. I’m looking forward to the Asher drama later on.

    In addition to all that, the fight they showed in the promo involving…well, basically everyone is going to be worth watching. I’m also looking forward to Romeo & Jules.

    One question: In one promo, Fimogen are kissing at what looks to be Fiona’s loft and Drew walks in. What the hell was he doing there?


  19. I think Dallas is a great character, but why is he staying with the Torres’? Did I miss something?? Also I thought it was pretty sad that the moment I start to like Krew (in the bedroom) they are breaking up? Why are they using Adam as comedic relief? I actually approve of EClare getting back together, just wish they slowed it down..Bianca is brilliant as always and Marisol’s hair is gorgeous, Shanice is beautiful (and not just because we have the same name haha)


    1. Dallas is a part of the Toronto Ice Hounds, a semi-professional hockey team. In Canada, it’s common for teenagers on semi-professional leagues, like Dallas, Luke and Cam, to move around and subsequently go to different high schools and stay with different families. Dallas moved in with the Torres’s, they probably signed up for a program to host someone or they know eachother somehow, Luke’s whole family moved from Florida to Toronto and where Cam is staying is unknown at the moment.


  20. I just wanted to say that I’m pretty happy with how the show is wandering back into the real-ness that made me love it before. For the past several season all that has been shown are one-off incidents of drug use – Drew with mushrooms, Peter with meth, Anya with coke. Without those few episodes, Degrassi was close to bordering on Disney. I really hope that they continue with the more real side of high school. So far it looks promising, I think the jocks will help bring Degrassi back to it’s former glory!


  21. The niners are amazing. I’m not completely sold on Zori and Tristan as individuals, but they’re definitely growing on me and I think the group’s dynamic in itself is just great. It’s nice for the writers to establish something like that with them early on, because in 2 or 3 seasons, these characters will be head of the pack. I love Maya and the direction her storyline is headed this season is just so remniscent to how a good portion of people experience freshman year. Not even just her insecurities, but to deal with such neglection from schoolmates right off the bat. What Dallas said was uncalled for and even though she’ll be involved with Cam eventually, I felt so bad for her in the promo where he says “we will never be friends” with such contempt. The Krew drama was kind of annoying in this episode, but the fallout should be interesting. On a side note, the ditzy side of Becky shouldd bring a lot of comic relief to the show. I love how she just popped out of nowhere to acquaint herself with Eli and Clare. Adam’s reaction to her at the party was priceless.


  22. Im still iffy about Eli being with Clare again. When he said he took 5 steps back after that kiss in ITCCN2. I thought he was going be finally strong enough to say no to Clare. But no he went for it. Im sorry Eclare shippers I know you want them back but this is way to soon.

    I can’t get into Drew to much because he really irks me ans I can’t understand what Bianca and Katie see in him. Yes, Mike Dallas is a prick sorry just had to add that………I love Becky already.

    I love Maya that all I have to say. This Ep was pretty good. I just did not like them rushing Eli and Clare. They should teach these young viewer its ok to move on. They are making Clare and Eli sound like hypocrites. I know they love each other but sometimes thats not enough and that goes for all types of relations ship. I’ve been in Clare shoes and I never turned back. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Thats what the Degrassi writers need to do with Eli. I bet his Dad is not going to happy about it either.


  23. I think my favorite part of the beginning of a new season of Degrassi is watching the new opening credits over and over again, trying to glean as much information as I can about what’s coming up. For example, is Bianca joining an academic club? Because I definitely support that. And I love Clare and Ali hamming it up to the camera at the end. And Tristan and Tori sword fighting. AAaaaaahhhhh I gotta go watch it again.


  24. “Your bro tweeted it”. “He has so many followers”. Highlight of the Pretty good episode overall. The scene before the credits was great. The fact that Alli mentioned dating Drew showed continuity. Good start to the neW season. Also Dave & Alli are syill together… HYFR


  25. Another thing i liked about the episode is that it looks like clare, ali, and the rest of the gang are friends again. EVen though i love how eclare got back together, i was also expecting them to just be friends for a while and they get back together towards the end of the season. AS for the whole asher drama that will be coming up soon, i wonder how eil is going to react. I just hope it wont be like eli going all clingy again. I want to see him react normaly with a situation like that


  26. I forgot something very important…
    I can’t stand what they did to Shanice’s hair!
    She’s pretty, but that hair doesn’t fit Marisol and straight across bangs don’t work for her.
    It’s not as bad as black haired Chloe or Cassie in Season 5, but it’s up there.


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