You can now RSVP for MuchMusic’s Degrassi Premiere Party on Monday, July 16th.


The event will take place in the MuchMusic parking lot and will last from 6pm – 11pm.

6pm – 7pm:  New.Music.Live. will broadcast in the parking lot with the Degrassi cast.
7pm – 9pm:  The cast will hang out in the parking lot taking photos/signing autographs
9pm: Q&A session with the cast, which will also be streamed on
10pm:  Season 12 premiere airs
10:30pm:  Much has a “special surprise” for fans at the party

I’ll be there at the premiere so come find me.  I’ll be the black guy wearing the bright pink shirt.  I blame it on EClare because I blame them for everything.

7 thoughts

  1. Nice shirt Kary! LOL
    I hope everyone who goes has a great time meeting each other and the cast! Was gonna go this year, but have been busy trying to start my career. Hope I can go next year though!


  2. Really wish I could go to this, haha. Should be getting my license (and likely a car) sometime in January though, so here’s hoping they do another Party With Degrassi event next year.


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