As Degrassi continues filming the first episodes of Season 12, Epitome Pictures held another readthrough today for another crop of episodes: Closer to Free (1209/1210) and Waterfalls (1211/1212).  Based on the current information about Season 12’s summer telenovela, this block of episodes will make up week 3 of the currently unnamed summer block.

NOTE: The schedule below is an ESTIMATED schedule, and is not yet been officialized by the networks. All dates are subject to change.

Monday July 9th
: Ep 1201 – Come As You Are Pt. 1
Tuesday July 10th: Ep 1202 – Come As You Are Pt. 2
Wednesday July 11th: Ep 1203 – Walking On Broken Glass Pt. 1
Thursday July 12th: Ep 1204 -Walking On Broken Glass Pt. 2

Monday July 16th
: Ep 1205 – Got Your Money Pt. 1
Tuesday July 17th: Ep 1206 – Got Your Money Pt. 2
Wednesday July 18th: Ep 1207 – Say It Aint So Pt. 1
Thursday July 19th: Ep 1208 – Say It Aint So Pt. 2

Monday July 23rd: Ep 1209 – Closer To Free Pt. 1
Tuesday July 24th: Ep 1210 – Closer To Free Pt. 2
Wednesday July 25th: Ep 1211 – Waterfalls Pt. 1
Thursday July 26th: Ep 1212 – Waterfalls Pt. 2


Posted by Kary


  1. Waterfalls? I wonder if it’s named after the TLC song.



  2. I assume Clare plummets to her death in Waterfalls. Ratings GOLDsworthy.



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