TeenNick and MuchMusic will return to airing  Degrassi episodes at the same time starting with Can’t Tell Me Nothing.  Part 1 airs on March 2nd, and Part 2 will air on March 9th. Click on the pics below to see a larger version.

PART 1: Katie injures her knee at tryouts for the National Soccer Team. Desperate to make the team, she searches for a quick fix that will allow her to play through the pain. Jenna tries get her happy-go-lucky attitude back by picking up her guitar, but after everything she’s been through, her old songs sound all wrong. Jake encourages her to write something new. When Tori ditches Tristan to hang out with Zig, Tris is hurt. He’ll say anything to get his best friend back, but will he break her heart in the process?

PART 2: When Katie steals her mom’s pain medication, she feels like she can do anything, even play soccer on an injured knee. Making the National Soccer Team matters more to her than anything else, so she pushes her body to the limit. As Jenna prepares to perform at the Degrassi Coffeehouse, Jake warns her that K.C. might not like her new song. K.C. overhears and decides to give Jenna a taste of her own medicine. Tori, Tristan, and Zig try to work together on a musical act, but it falls apart when they can’t see eye to eye.


Posted by Kary


  1. This isn’t even airing for another 2 weeks.. they already released promo pics..?



  2. Kary, do we have the Season 11.5 opening yet. I know it’s not really important, but I really want to see it.



    1. Nope, but thankfully you’ll only have to wait until Monday to see it!



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