PLOT A SUMMARY: Alli still hasn’t told Dave that she’s going away for the summer, so she invites him over for a special night.  However, Dave thinks she wants to have sex, so he goes out and gets condoms.  Alli’s upset that he thinks she wanted to sleep with him, and upsets him by telling him she’s leaving for the summer.  Alli learns Dave was only wanting to make the night special for her, so to make it up for him she uses money she won playing poker to get him tickets to a basketball game.  Dave invites her to meet his parents, but she fakes sick in order to play in a poker tournament.

Dave is upset when he finds out, but the two work it out and Alli wants him to come along for the next tournament.  Alli loses money and doesn’t want to stop playing, despite Dave urging her to.  After losing all her money, she then bets her $2,000 scholarship.  She anoints herself winner before the other guys reveal her cards, then proceeds to explain in detail how she figured out their hands.  The two guys accuse her of card counting, and before anything happens Dave’s dad busts in and breaks up the game (Dave had called him while Alli was playing).  Dave tells Alli that his parents want him to have nothing to do with her, and he also tells her that they should take a break and see what happens when she returns at the end of the summer.

Oh Alli Bhandari, once again displaying that she’s a smart girl who consistently makes bad decisions.  It’s almost like she falls into a trap where she can’t see that she steers her life down a destructive path.  I like how there were two issues to this plot: her needing to tell Dave the truth about the summer, and her gambling addiction.  Dave has been transformed back into a likable guy, and the only reason he stuck with Alli through her lies is because he likes her so much.

What’s compelling about this plot is that it highlights Alli’s strengths and weaknesses at the same time.  She’s incredibly book smart, but she lacks street smarts despite the many life lessons she’s had to learn the hard way.  If there’s one thing that seemed random in the story it was her eagerness to run off and play poker with a bunch of strangers.

It’s interesting watching the dynamic of Alli’s gambling addiction.  She’s not necessarily addicted to winning the money (I think that’s just so she can find a way to be with Dave over the summer), but she got her emotional high off of using her math skills to calculate every scenario…she became obsessed with outwitting other people.  Though I like Bhandurner, I thought this was a solid episode to paint the fact that someone’s actions can get in the way of a relationship, no matter how much they like each other.  Seeing as how their “breakup” is open ended, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of them.


PLOT B SUMMARY: Wesley and Hannah pair up on their project to build a Rube Goldberg machine, and Liam asks to join their group.  They agree, but Wesley is immediately threatened by Liam’s presence; Hannah seems to like Liam’s idea for the project more, and she and Liam ride the same bus home together.  To impress Hannah, Wesley tells her that he has her license, and offers to drive her home.  The only catch is he doesn’t have his license yet, and he’s taking his uncle’s car without permission.

Liam and Hannah want Wesley to drive during lunch so they can visit a Goldberg exhibit to get ideas, but Wesley’s reluctant at first.  Eventually he agrees, and he’s pulled over by a cop for driving too slow.  He gets in trouble with his parents, and Hannah tells him that she likes him for who he is.

This is such an endearing storyline, and sorta takes me back to when we first met Wesley.  I like how we got a look into his lack of confidence.  His “I have no idea why you like me” quote sums it up perfectly.  And this plot is a good lesson on how your perception of things can completely warp the reality of a situation.  Liam was a good fit to play Wesley’s counterpart…mainly because he’s unknown and there’s no other male character on the show that would’ve made since had they been inserted into this plot.


PLOT C SUMMARY: Bianca is still hanging out with Vince, who is using her to sell drugs around town.  However, he wants her to start selling them at Degrassi.  She doesn’t want to meet with him after school, so Imogen helps her get detention.  While in detention Imogen goes to use the bathroom, and Bianca steals her birthday money.  Bianca tells Vince she doesn’t want to sell drugs at Degrassi, but he threatens to hurt Drew if she doesn’t continue to do what he says.  He ends up hitting her, but apologizes, and gives her lingerie as an “I’m sorry” gift.  Bianca apologizes to Imogen for stealing from her and gives Imogen the lingerie Vince gave her.

What a heartbreaking plot.  She isn’t dramatic in her emotions, but Bianca’s eyes tend to say everything that needs to be said.  I feel bad for her and the position she’s in with Vince.  I enjoyed this plot because we needed to see how the events from this gang storyline were affecting more than just Drew’s life.  We get more Bianca development in this episode and they do a good job of slyly setting her and Drew up to cross paths again by integrating her with Imogen. And we see that she’s desperate to get out, but is willing to keep going in order to keep Drew safe.  I’m not really sure what to think of Bianca and Imogen as friends, other than the fact that they’re two people who are looking to cling each other for their own individual reasons.

53 thoughts

  1. I agree about Liam. I do like him and would have preferred him over Jake at the start of the season, but he doesn’t need to be a main character. The show is overly saturated now and will be inundated with several Grade 9’s soon, so there’s really no room for Liam. Plus, look at the shows history. There have been several main characters that never really received proper character development and growth, so if Liam was bumped up, not only may be turn into another Blue, but it’s possible someone else will be bumped down because of him.

    He works well in the role he’s in now.


  2. “As much as I like them and their chemistry, I’m freaked out over the fact that we’ve never seen them kiss…that’s just extremely weird to me because their getting together reminds me vaguely of JT/Manny.”

    Oh God. Don’t say that. I’m already fearing the parallel now that you’ve mentioned it, haha.


  3. I don’t see why Alli would meet up with people online to play poker.. I know she likes it and everything, I definitely like poker, I’m not as amazing as her nor am I addicted, but I have fun on say, Zynga’s Texas HoldEm app on Facebook. Lol.

    Especially since these people are complete strangers, I can see the way this will turn out. I don’t get why Alli doesn’t realize that in the minds of other people, being too good is impossible, especially for someone “like her”. She even said it herself, they always underestimate her and then her beating them badly just puts one thought into their head “cheating”. So the fact that they are older than her and complete strangers make think that’s how the plot is gonna go down.


  4. Kary do you have any connections to the degrassi writers cause i have some ideas for some new characters I wanna pitch to them


  5. Isn’t there some kind of conflict of interest having Wes’ uncle as his science teacher? It was obvious they were going to win, but if I was in the class, I’d certainly be calling shenanigans.

    Alli was so dumb to announce to the guys at the card game that she was counting cards. She was almost going to get away with it, but of course she had to show off her mad counting skills and blab to the table.

    It’s funny how Alli and Dave could break up when we haven’t even seen them as a couple. At least this is what I was hoping for, in that we’d have some stories left hanging into the second half of the season.

    Bianca an Imogen continue to win me over and I really need for Bianca to shoot Vince in the nuts. I’m really over this gang storyline. I hope this is one of the plots that doesn’t carry over into the fall/winter season.


    1. Alli didn’t say she was counting cards, she said she “weighed the probabilities” and actually is that so wrong to just think about what you are doing instead of playing blindly? If she was counting cards I would be pissed she’s cheating >__>


      1. i’m no professional or anything, but I think that (Jenna was it?) said that whatever Alli was doing was essentially counting cards, she just didn’t know she was doing it. and i don’t think counting cards really is cheating, it is just very frowned upon and these guys certainly would not like it..


    2. that’s exactly what i was thinking about wes winning! like no one is going to point out this even though wes’ project was really good,that it IS his uncle? honey,please not in my class.;p


  6. This epsiode made me sad :/ I did not want to see the end of Dave/Alli! Though they show no affection they were believable as a couple. But then again, this is Karma for the way Alli treated Dave when she was going for Drew!
    Bianca and Imogen make a cute friendship I suppose (why would she give her the lingerie? If I was imogen I’d be disgusted) Why the hip-hop when Vince arrives L M A O! Its was a good episode though!


  7. So I was waiting to post my thoughts on “Drop It Like It’s Hot” until I saw both parts, b/c part 2 left me wanting…

    It’s interesting how we’re slightly switching gears with Degrassi, “Extraordinary Machine” was such an intense two parter and this week so far we’ve eased up a bit on the drama, which I can appreciate.

    Alli- I’m sorry but really gambling? This just seems like a storyline from when Degrassi was still using the cheesy tag line of “Degrassi…it goes there” I think you make a good point Kary in saying that perhaps things are too perfect and too easy in Alli’s life and hence the rush of poker but something about the way this story was setup….I just wasn’t buying it. We went from Alli realizing that she can count cards at lunch with Adam and Jenna to her talking about the rush of poker by the end of the 30 mins episode 0_O. Her storyline became more interesting for me when Dave found out about her gambling in part 2. But i’m unsure why the writers would choose to finally put Dalli together and then break them up over a one hour gambling storyline? It seemed like a waste of this pairing. Sidenote: I also found it extremely weird that Dalli never kissed, barely hugged goodbye and that both of them in part 1 admitted to loving each other. This is another plot that deserved more attention b/c it had all the right components but wasn’t given enough time.

    Wesley- I liked Wesley’s plot, it was actually endearing. Hanna as a character kind of annoys me (I’m not sure why but something about her is really grating to my nerves). The love triangle bit worked here b/c it seemed believable, also I like that Degrassi still incorporates these more lighthearted plots into the Degrassiverse.

    Bianca- for me Bianca stole this two parter. I love that we are now getting to know that Bianca has real thoughts and feelings beyond dancing and boiler room blowjobs. The fact that she is continuing to pimp herself out to Vince for Drew-who doesn’t want anything to do with her is unbelievably selfless. Seeing Bianca in this light provides background for why she is so aloof when she’s used in other dramatic plots (ex. Anya sprawled out in a bathroom, high off coke). I am very interested to see her and Drew’s world collide at the end of Now or Never in what I think will be the prom episode. Also I really enjoyed the Bianca/Imogen friendship. I have to say that the writers have been more miss than hit this season with couples pairings but I am loving all these unexpected friendships (Eli/Fiona, Bianca/Imogen). I also really enjoyed just being able to see Imogen without Jake, Eli or Clare anywhere near her.

    I’m interested to see how the Katie/Marisol/Drew plot will turn out but truthfully I’m a bit burnt out on these complicated love triangles and quadrangles, there have been so many this season (Eli/Clare/Jake/Imogen, KC/Marisol/Jenna, Wesley/Hanna/Liam, Dave/Alli/Sadie and in the beginning we thought Fiona and Charlie were in a love triangle. I’m sure I may have missed a few more.) If the writers of Degrassi are going to insist on focusing heavily on relationships then they are going to have to come up with other plot devices to cause tension between couples.


    1. The biggest issue I’m going to have with Marisol vs. Katie is that (for the most part), they are both newbies. Why should I care about them fighting over Drew, without really knowing much about them? We know a little more about Katie than Marisol, but in order for a viewer to be actively interested in this plot, there has to be some rootability on either side. They basically stuck Katie with Drew in a millisecond and we’ve yet to see Marisol show any interest in Drew. I fail to see why a viewer like myself would care about either of those 2 fighting over Drew.

      Maybe if it was Katie and *Bianca*, at least there’s something to work with there, especially already knowing Bianca over the last season.


      1. I’m actually excited for it because when HJ and Anya feuded back in the days it was actually interesting and something that was lacking in Degrassi at the time. Now it’s lacking once again and it’s about time they do it.
        Also from what it seems we will actually learn about them from the feuding. So I’m pretty sure this will be a clever way to discover more about both of them just like we found out back in the days that Anya had dyslexia .


      2. I agree.. this is pretty much both of their first big story lines and.. its about them bitching each other out. i really hope they don’t ruin the characters before we’ve even had a chance to get to know them.


  8. Can’t wait to see tha QUEEN of DEGland Katie and tha legendary and iconic LEGENDsol on tomorrows episode. I live and love. Praise them!


  9. I really have no problems with tomorrow’s episode, it simply is the major character development we need to see from Marisol and Katie all wrapped up in a, hopefully enjoyable, 2 part episode. Now on to tonight’s episode….. I’m back at being pissed at Jessica Tyler’s acting again, it was just bearable tonight, that it, its really unfortunate that Jenna would have to be going in some part of a dilemma for me to really enjoy her presence on screen, major resemblance to Emma in that aspect. I am also annoyed with the C plot, there really wasn’t anything wrong with it but it would have been interesting to see Bianca and Imogen fleshed out more as characters, I so wished it was the B plot or just simply placed in some other episode as a B plot. The Wesley plot was blehhh to me at times, maybe because the dalli and bimogen plot were more interesting to me.


  10. … And Alli’s stupidity strikes again. That girl never learns. And there goes the only S11 couple I liked… I have a feeling they’re not done for good though.

    I’m not sold on Bianca and Imogen as friends right now. It doesn’t even seem that they really are that way anyways. What I found interesting was that Bianca described herself as “hard” and Imogen said something about that’s what she likes about her. It seems as though Imogen is drawn to people with a dark vibe and overwhelming issues. First Eli, now Bianca… I wonder why?

    I thought for sure Wesley was going to crash the first time around, haha. It’s nice to see them humanize him by showing his insecurities. Hannah’s not exactly relevant, but I do enjoy her and Wesley together. “Okay, I have no idea why you like me.” “Because you’re… you.” That was just cute, haha.

    Really not looking forward to tomorrow’s girl drama over a boy, ugh. Couldn’t they develop Marisol and Katie differently? And these are the girls that looked down on Clare for being “drama”… hmph.


    1. ” And these are the girls that looked down on Clare for being “drama”… hmph.”
      For me Katie is such a hypocrite. She avoids drama my ass. I really dont like her. Maybe its the way the writers build her up to be. BUt UGGGHHHHHHH.
      As for Marisol, I like her. She is a hore, and she knows it. She doesn’t even try to denie it.


  11. Alli/dave – Seen it coming. really, i think it has been said before. They are JT/Manny 2.0. It was just ehhhhh.

    Wesley- This plot was kind of cute. I really like how he got a plot this season.

    Imo/Bianca- This was an ok plot. I Like how we see more of Bianca, and view her in a different way. I really like the paring of Imo and her. But My guess is that it will not last long. And IF it does. I would be awsome in someway.
    SOOOOOOOOOOO not looking foward to Katie and Marisol plot. I want to know the other 2 plots to make this interesting. But I will def be fast fowarding over the Katie and Marisol Plot from my DVR.



  12. omg i feel bad for bianca! cant wait for her and drew to talk again. dont really wanna watch tommorow. could care less about katie and marisol fighting over bianca’s guy! :p


  13. I must be in the minority, but I’m so excited to see the Marisol and Katie feud tomorrow. It is like with Holly J and Anya in Season 7.

    Oh and my opinions for tonight.
    Alli/Dave ~ C
    Wesley ~ A-
    Bianca/Imogen ~ A-


  14. I definitely think I am in the majority but I hope they flesh out Marisol character. Shanice Banton can actually act and I am tired of the black female characters basically being support characters. From the promo, it looks like Marisol is mad about Krew which is ridiculous but it looks like Katie blabs about Marisol’s affair before she shares the bulimia. But, who knows clever editing.

    In the past episodes, I loved Marisol because I like for there to be somebody to stir pots like Bianca back in the day, but maybe they can do something to do. Kary, can you talk about that?


    1. They’ll need to make Marisol more than just a “homewrecker” (I use that term loosely since no one forced KC to hook up with her), but I have little faith that Marisol/Katie plot is going to do the trick. I think this is something they should have waited until the second half of the season, so we could at least get to know Marisol better. They should have done a solid Marisol-centric B plot first before putting her in an A storyline, just to ease her into it. From the little scraps we’ve seen, she has not been well defined yet where as we’ve gotten to know Katie a whole lot better with Adam and Drew.

      Maybe I’ll be wrong. Maybe the next 2 eps will pleasantly surprise me. But couldn’t they fight for someone other than Drew? (I realize there really aren’t that many options here.)


  15. Wow! I cant believe how ppl are saying they are not looking forward to Katie and Marisol. These are two fresh new characters with probably amazing backstories. I think people are quick to call Marisol a new Chantay but when she gets an A plot no one cares? Kary i sense some rasicm here. and i hate it. its sad.


  16. I agree with u Kevin. Im so sick of them hiring young black female characthers and putting them in the background. For example they’ve never gave Chantay a chance a being a lead in her on plot and shes been on degrassi since season 4. Like whats up with that????? And also the same goes with Hazel they only gave her on plot of her on back in season 2 I believe and then after that she was back being Pagies lap dog. The only black on degrassi thats ever got more than one plot or more then being a supporting caahcther was Liberty. and why is there very limited black males on degrassi. to think of it Jimmy was the only black male on old degrassi. and Dave is the only black male on newer degrassi. Whats up with that to. Dont get me wrong I LOVE degrassi but they gotta show more african americans, hispanice and what not. And this is coming from a african american female. kary what do u think about this?? Guys what do u think about this??


    1. the thing is they are representing the majority of people in canada if it was in america i would understand where you are coming from but there isn’t a gigantic number of african americans in canada. Also you forget I believe connor is black as well and in the old series they had Damien and Griffin but i agree with the hispanics and other races like they never have had a single asian other than spinners adoptive sister kendra but she wasn’t an actual character or if you count sav and alli. I believe they need more people in diversity not only by race but background, weight, smartness, etc.


      1. I agree I want to see more diversity! not just blacks (that would be nice) but hispanics, asians, overweight teens etc I wanna see another Teri! Not just more bland model-esque people! Shake it up Degrassi casting!


  17. how dare they just take away dali from me .. i was tortured with cake and emogen and now they take the one couple i liked.. wasnt drianca enough … screw you degrassi writers!

    i do feel they will reunite just like drianca..if not they better

    i would so be pissed to be and wes class his uncle is the teacher so you know he gets special attention but what teacher you know leaves they keys around like that …it was like he was subliminally giving him permission like just take the keys already lol… glad everything worked out for wes tho

    bee is my girl im glad she apologized. that imogen got a mouth on her i think they will mesh well as friends. bee is bad ass and you know everyone really intrigued by the bad ass who wouldnt want to be friends with the bad ass..they alway got your back and you see how bee watching out for drew even though she aint with him thats a real friend .. people portray bianca in such a negative light but she really does have a big heart


    1. Exactly what it sounds like. I don’t know the rules of poker but I assume that by remembering the cards you see and figuring out the probabilities of what cards are in who’s hand, it makes the game significantly easier.


  18. I honestly hate how they made Alli count cards and make it seem so easy. It’s far from easy. I saw a documentary about people who are banned from every casino in the world because they did it. They trained for SO long because it has to be exact. It’s stupid that they made it seem so easy.


  19. Here’s why I am already over katie.her first episode she was a total b*tch to clare because she doesn’t do drama. But she’s like the most melodramatic underdeveloped plot of them all. If people werent annoyed with the constant eli girl drama they can get filled by drew…and he’s not even crazy. Why should I care about Marisol and katies faux fued? Its obviously some poorly crafted tool to reveal that katie.has like an.e.d or tried to kill herself one time and Marisol is a skank. Wesley is precious and I ways felt he got the Toby end of the stick. Im growing tired of the gang storyline but its made bianca so 3 dimensional and interesting as a character I kind of don’t want it to end. Imogen is a tiresome tool and a throw away character only useful for activating other plots thus far. Hopefully this new friendship will flesh her out and make her more palatable. I sort of felt like the writers punished Alli for being such a big figure in the previous seasons with this 4 second relationship. I never had a big stake in the alli/dave ship but for those who did I share an annoyance in solidarity. It took forever to get them togeter but before they had text heavily or hand helps in public for too long (gasp) they were broken apart. Though im grateful for a break in the main line drama, I need there to be less recycled plots or more deepening of these new characters to gain the interest of a long time viewer. Im just saying we saw the original Manny/ craig/Ashleigh triangles that are everywhere and we also saw marco have a gambling addiction when be had been featured a s an”a plot” in a while. (Just saying)




  20. I really like Liams character, but I don’t think he should be promoted to a main character, he’s fine as a supporting character & I like how easily he fits in. Hannah, on the other hand, I think would make a great main character & I am seeming to really like her. Yet, She would become kind of pointless if her and Wesley don’t work out… so I’d like to see Hannah in another storyline (minus Wesley) just to see how she would fit.


  21. I thought Alli’s card counting in poker was a massive joke for a few reasons. My main one is that they are playing Texas Hold ’em. There are 3 burn cards that you will never see, also people fold so you would never see their cards. This would seriously limit the ability for card counting. Also, unlike playing 21/Blackjack, the cards are reshuffled after every hand which means that by the river you only know 7 of the 52 cards in the deck. Would have been a better plot it she was marking cards instead of counting them. I would be okay with this plot if she was a star at blackjack, but its poker, which would mean that she would not know which cards they had. But unlike everyone else here, I am not a fan of Alli/Dave as a couple so I was happy that it ended with them. I think he did Sadie wrong, and he had more in common with her, but Alli it seems more of an attraction thing.

    I was happy to see the Wesley plot. It seems the writers have gotten away from the fun plots lately. Remember the “Breakfast Club Episode” from one of the early seasons? It was fun, light hearted and was a great set up for Sean and Ellie as a couple.

    Can’t wait to see how they finish up with the Drew, Bianca, Vince story line. And I also want to know what is up with Imogen’s attraction to people with a dark side.


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