All of my top ten favorite epsiodes come from seasons 1, 2 and 3, which I kind find of weird.

10) Coming of Age
The main plot with Jimmy basically a remake of a storyline Lucy had in Degrassi Junior High…his parents are never around.  I felt so bad for him.  Emma getting her period was hilarious.  I’ll never forget that guy wanting to lick Spike’s “cone.”

9) Against All Odds
It lands a spot in my top ten list because it was the first episode of Degrassi I ever watched.

8) Take My Breath Away
I really like the way this episode was done, showing both Craig and Manny’s different perspectives on the date.  And the subplot with Ellie’s crush on Marco was really cute.

7) When Doves Cry
Craig Manning…heavy topic (abuse)…one of the best storylines Degrassi’s ever had.

6) Our House
A great episode where the Ellie influence factor shows in Sean, and he finally matures. 

5) Friday Night
It’s still boasts THE BEST Semma action to date.

4) Drive
I openly admit this is one of the most BORING episodes ever.  I mean a majority of the time the guys don’t even do anything.  But it reminds me of the good old days of hanging out with the guys in my neighborhood.  Oh, and the main plot is another remake of an old Degrassi Junior High episode.

3) Weird Science
Rooting for Snake to put Emma in her place b/c she acted like a jerk the entire episode….oh, and SPINNER’S BONER!

2) Take On Me
I *think* that this is the episode with the smallest amount of character appearances (Sean, Ellie, Jimmy, Hazel, Toby, Mr. Raditch, Snake, JT).  But I love it so much, because how awesome would it be to just be able to roam around an empty school for a while? (Weird, I know).

1) Rock and Roll High School
Who cares if it’s ridiculous that half of the cast magically possess musical talent.  It’s the most fun episode of Degrassi ever. EVER people!!!

Honorable Mentions: Tears Are Not Enough, Should I Stay or Should I Go?, Mercy Street, King of Pain, Time Stands Still, Back in Black, Weddings Parties Anything, The Lexicon of Love, Eyes Without A Face, What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost, Standing in the Dark, Death or Glory, Heart of Glass, Beat It

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  1. I HATE Take On Me. It’s a rip-off of Breakfast Club anyway… and they’ve openly admitted it. Even Jake Epstein hates it (some people say he hates it because he wasn’t it, haha)…. I mean, it’s so BORING.

    If we’re not counting two-parters, Live to Tell is the best Degrassi episode ever. If we ARE counting 2-parters, than Turned Out is the best Degrassi episode ever. I mean, please, I need some action. Something interesting to happen. S. 1 & 2 were like S. 8… nothing intense happened. I want to go there with Degrassi, thank you very much.



  2. I don’t remember some of these I’ll look that up. But I love Coming of Age and I rewatched When Doves Cry a couple of days ago (really powerful eps). And who doesn’t love Spinner’s boner episode!!! Then I really want to rewatch the ones you mentioned at the end!!! Love the Beat It mention!!! XD



  3. My favorites are “Anywhere I Lay My Head”, “Lexicon of Love”, “Standing in the Dark”, and “Live To Tell”. The whole Darcy getting raped storyline was one of my favorites ever. although, I haven’t seen most of the first two seasons, so I didn’t recognize a lot of your favorites.



  4. I think the best episodes are (idk if they are in seson 1,2,or 3) foolin’, heart of glass,rock this town (even though jt died:'() and maybe turned out parts 1 & 2. I don’t like any of the episodes on ur list. Maybe bcuz im not a big craig and ashley fan or a big sean & emma fan.



  5. I love Take My Breath Away and Against All Odds.



  6. […] recently read the post you did a while back about your “Top 10 Favorite Episodes” of Degrassi, and was wondering, since you did that before the end of Season 9, are there any from Season […]



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