What is your favorite Season of Degrassi? I love how mine is so predicatable…

Dear Season 3, I LOVE YOU. -Kary


Season 3 always has and probably always  will be my favorite season.  There’s a lot of great episodes (four of my Top 10 favorite eps of all time are in Season 3)…I’m also pretty biased too considering I started watching Degrassi halfway during Season 3, so I’ve got the whole nostalgia thing going on too.

I figured while I’m at it, I’d go ahead and rank all of the Seasons from best to worst (excluding Season 9, since it’s not finished yet):

1) Season 3
Pretty much summed it up above.

[Favorite Episodes]: Rock and Roll High School, Take On Me, Our House, Against All Odds, Pride, Gangsta Gangsta, It’s Raining Men, Don’t Dream It’s Over

2) Season 4
Pretty much as solid as Season 3.  Started off super strong, but slowly faded off after TSS (kinda hard to top that episode though…the season climaxed a little too early).  Eye of the Tiger could’ve been re-worked to be a great finale, because I could do without the final six episodes after that.

[Favorite Episodes]: King Of Pain, Mercy Street, Islands in the Stream, Time Stands Still, Back In Black, Voices Carry, Eye of the Tiger

3) Season 2
A thoroughly underrated season that was a big improvement over Season 1.  The show started to finally deal with more serious issues, and of course Season 2 added one of the most important elements to Degrassi’s success…Craig Manning.

[Favorite Episodes]: Weird Science, Drive, When Doves Cry, Take My Breath Away, Mirror in the Bathroom, Tears Are Not Enough

4) Season 5
This was the season where everyone sort of started becoming hip, aka everyone dressed nicer and looked “prettier.”  As far as the episodes, it was kind of hit and miss…one episode would be really good, then the next one might just be average.

[Favorite Episodes]: Weddings Parties Anything, Foolin’, Turned Out, The Lexicon of Love, Our Lips Are Sealed

5) Season 1
I can’t even really explain why I like Season 1.  I guess it has an innocent, yet enjoyable feel to it.  And the only episode I can’t stand to watch is Mother and Chid Reunion.

[Favorite Episodes]: Friday Night, Coming of Age, Secrets and Lies, Rumors and Reputations, Under Pressure

6) Season 6
It’s not hard to find the best episodes of this season…they’re sandwiched between all of the bad ones.  The Pemma/Semma stuff at the beginning was too much to bear, and the Paige/Palex stuff at the end got old.  Thank goodness for a Craig Manning cameo, Parcy, and JT Yorke (R.I.P.).

[Favorite Episodes]: What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost, Eyes Without A Face, Rock This Town, The Bitterest Pill

7) Season 7
There’s only three reasons to watch Season 7: Spinner’s cancer, “TOBY ISAACS CALLS THE SHOTS,” and Darcy’s rape storyline (one of my favorite storylines ever).  The rest? Forgettable.

[Favorite Episodes]: Standing in the Dark, Death or Glory, Live to Tell, Another Brick in the Wall, Bust a Move Pt 2 (ONLY for Darcy’s subplot, the rest of the episode is crap)

8) Season 8
A “rebuilding season,” that lacked the charm of Season 1.  I initially ripped this season to shreds, but backed off that since it really wasn’t aiming to be a great season to begin with…it was just setting up/developing the newer characters for Season 9.

[Favorite Episodes]: Heart of Glass, Danger Zone, Degrassi Goes Hollywood

Posted by Kary


  1. Favorite seasons ranking:

    Season 2 (like you said, vastly underrated)
    Season 4 (Solid from top to bottom with a massive turning point in the middle)
    season 8 (Yep, third favorite. The niners made this season and the new kids quickly proved why the old cast needs to GTFO)
    season 3 (Fun stuff, but Ran out of momentum during the last few episodes.)
    Season 7 (this gets hated on a lot, but a lot of the “little things” made this season for me)
    season 6 (I didn’t mind the Semma/Palex, but it was overall blah)
    season 1 (Throughly unremarkable.)
    season 5 (The shark jumping point and it took significant changes in the cast to undo the damage. And SHUT THE HELL UP LIBERTY.)



  2. I like seasons 2 and 3 the most. The characters were still relatively innocent, but at the same time, were beginning to deal with heavy issues. Once the show became about “going there”, it became too self-conscious, and tried (still often does) try too hard to shock. There was a more casual, relaxed feel to the older episodes.
    Another thing I liked about the earlier seasons is how each character had their own style and look. Now they all look the same. Where are the old school Ellies, Ashleys, and season 7 Janes? As soon as an unconventional-looking girl shows up in the cast now, they glam her up as soon as they can. Sheesh…



    1. I like your point about innocence. There’s a certain point where the drama just a. Loses credibility. (I know a lot of high schoolers who’s most serious problems have been B+s) b. Becomes kind of depressing. The characters go from innocent children to dark adolescents who have gotten STDs, done drugs, been pregnant, etc.



  3. For me, I’d have to go like this from best to worst:

    1.) Season 5 – I found Season 5 to be the best for me because of the great stories and the starting of Paige and Alex’s relationship was amazing. Also, my favorite episode of all time “Our Lips are Sealed.” This season was underrated.

    2.) Season 3 – Amazing season. I don’t think I could find an episode that I hated during this season. The holiday special was touching to me and my favorite episode of this season.

    3.) Season 6 – I’m biased towards this season just because I love Sean and Emma. I also love Paige and Alex’s relationship. “Don’t You Want Me” is my favorite episode here.

    4.) Season 2 – I really liked Craig’s storyline during this season. I guess my favorite episode here would have to be When “Doves Cry.”

    5.) Season 4 – Even though this season was overrated, it was interesting to see Emma’s character drastically change. I also liked the catfights between Paige and Manny. My favorite episode would have to be “Secret.”

    6.) Season 1 – This season was alright. It wasn’t too bad. However, I really liked the start of this season with “Mother and Child Reunion.” I thought that was well done. My favorite episode would have to be Jagged Little Pill.

    7.) Season 7 – This season was kinda boring. Favorite episode was Hungry Eyes. Anything other than that was trash in my eyes.

    8.) Season 8 – This season was incredibly boring and I didn’t enjoy it one bit. The only thing good about the season was Degrassi Goes Hollywood, which was amazing.



    1. Holiday special ftw!
      I really enjoyed it, too. So many people hate it, because of its focus on Joey and Caitlin. I don’t mind the kids taking a backseat in this case. I think that concentrating on such a classic, significant couple in the Degrassi-verse was a wise move. Maybe I’m just old and bitter, but I think that making the focus of the episode about a highschool love triangle (or any other Degrassi couple) would have really cheapened and trivialized the Christmas atmosphere. The fact that Joey and Caitlin FINALLY get back together, during the Christmas season of all times of the year, really reinforces the spirit of the holiday, and makes their joy that much greater.



      1. Exactly my point. I love the relationship between Joey and Caitlin. Why couldn’t they be happy after everything they went through, though? It pisses me off how they ended in Season 4. The chick Joey was with in Season 5 felt like the relationship was rushed and forced. I didn’t like her. He belongs with Caitlin, no matter what anyone says. Then the next thing you know, Caitlin is thrown in season 7 and seems like a slut for sleeping with Ellie’s boyfriend. It was totally out of character for her and made me lose some respect for the writers. Joey and Caitlin should’ve ended up together like Spike and Snake. But anyway, I loved the emotions Caitlin went through in the Holiday special. Even though she’s an adult, her feelings were relatable. I’m glad you agree with me!


  4. Season 5, without doubt, will always be my favorite. Now that there will be 10 seasons, we can say it’s the halfway point. The main reason I love it is because J.T. FINALLY got a legitimate plotline and wasn’t just there to laugh about stupid shit. I always loved J.T. so I was so happy to see him get his due. Plus, season 5 had a lot of 2-parters that were really stellar – and I’m such a sucker for Paige & Alex. Just like all your favorite episodes are from you favorite season, 3, mine are almost all from Season 5, my favorite. Plus, yeah, everyone was pretty hot in this season. I really loved Marco & Tell It To My Heart where he finally comes clean to his dad… I saw shades of Johnny Depp & he’s never been as good as in that episode (besides Pride). And how can we forget Marco punching Linus in I Against I?? That was amazing and is also a HUGE reason why this season rocks so hard.



    1. OH and the Season 5 promos were without doubt the best & most intense. I was so psyched for Season 5 on promos alone and it did NOT disappoint. Kary, maybe you could run a blog on former promos? The main 3 Season 5 promos were: the video camera & the bra, with Manny’s voice saying she’ll do “whatever it takes” to become a star. The positive pregnancy strip test with the voiceovers & the beeping monitors that zero in on a hospital room … which is laying the stage for Turned Out. I think they were so subtle & that’s what made them so intense. Less is more… and not having the kids in them or seeing scenes from the upcoming season, only hearing their voices, made me anticipate it that much more. I have to say, I like the season 9 promos though, with the kids talking straight to the camera. But Season 5 did it best.



      1. Oh my god, you read my mind. I WOULD KILL to have old promos from over the years. Sadly I can’t find any :-( the only ones I have saved are the ones from Season 9 and a few of the Season 7 ones (which were great as well). I’m working hard to find those season 5 promos though!


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