Here’s some of the questions/searches that have popped up recently:


*music from degrassi season 8
The easy way is you can click here to check out the music credits for all 8 seasons of Degrassi.  Of course, the hard way to see the music credits for a specific episode is to check the ending credits at the end of said episode.


*degrassi season 9 episodes
The Exec has revealed 12 of the 23 episode titles so far:

901 – Just Can’t Get Enough Part 1
902 – Just Can’t Get Enough Part 2
903 – Shoot to Thrill
904 – Close to Me
905 – You’ll be Illin’
906 – Wanna Be Startin’ Something
907 – Beat It Part 1
908 – Beat It Part 2
909 – Waiting For A Girl Like You
910 – Somebody
911 – Hearts Like Mine Part 1
912 – Hearts Like Mine Part 2

none of the episode descriptions have been released yet.

*the reason darcy left degrassi
Darcy “left” because the actress that plays her (Shenae Grimes) left the show got a starring role in the new 90210 series on the CW.


*when will cw air new episodes of degrassi
The-N is the only network in the U.S. that airs NEW episodes of Degrassi.  Networks like the CW and MyTV only air the first 5 seasons of Degrassi.  MTV has started running seasons 6 and 7.


*degrassi paradise city jay and manny spoilers
Sorry, but there’s really no spoilers about Paradise City (aka the Degrassi Goes Hollywood Movie). They’re keeping a tight lid on it!

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