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Season 9 Promo Day for Degrassi and The-N

Today the cast of Degrassi is shooting Season 9 promos/elements for The-N.  I know I have a lot of disdain for The-N in general, but I’ll give them credit where it’s due in a heartbeat; they […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Touch Of Grey

WARNING: THIS EPISODE REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS   TOUCH OF GREY SOUNDTRACK: (there’s only one song credited) 1) Upfront With You, by Universal Honey MAIN PLOT What happens when Degrassi gives us an episode where Emma […]

Degrassi Season 8 DVD News [7-9-09]

The Exec posted info on his twitter about Degrassi Goes Hollywood and the Season 8 DVD for Canada and the U.S., and instead of posting it word-for-word I’ll just recap it to make it easier. CANADA […]


The Exec updated his twitter today with the episode titles for 911 and 912, making it the third two-part episode of Season 9 (so far): 901 – Just Can’t Get Enough Part 1 902 – […]


WARNING!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT NEWS If you’re someone like me who keeps up with the show as it airs on both stations (whichever one is ahead at the time), this is going to confuse the […]

Half of Degrassi Season 9 Scripts Written

Gotta love how Stephen and Stefan are keeping us updated about what’s happening on set via Twitter. The Exec said they’ve finished the read-throughs for episodes 911 and 912. The scripts have been written, but they haven’t […]