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Degrassi Reveals New Next Class Gallery Shots

With the official news that Degrassi is coming to Netflix and Family Channel January 15th, more gallery photos have been released: Hopefully Degrassi will begin releasing more of the individual/couples/smaller group shots soon.  Here’s a […]

Breaking Down The First Degrassi: Next Class Trailer

– We’ll take a closer look at the trailer in a moment, but here’s the important information for Next Class: *Netflix is streaming ALL EPISODES on January 15th.  There’s a reason the Degrassi team was […]

REPORT: Degrassi Next Class Debuts January 15th

The biggest piece of Next Class news during the hiatus so far comes from the December/January issue of Seventeen, which says Degrassi will begin streaming new episodes on Friday, January 15th. There’s still been no […]

Check Out Some Of Degrassi’s Autograph Cards For “Next Class”

Welcome to eBay, the new official source for Degrassi information! Sort of. A user on the site has listed some of the new autograph cards fans will be able to request during Degrassi: Next Class. […]

New Characters Revealed In New Degrassi: Next Class Pic

As we get closer to 2016, Next Class pics are stealthily popping up on the internet. With DHX Media and other outlets establishing the Next Class brand, not only do we get things like this: […]

Degrassi News 10/7/15

You’ve probably already seen them by now, but… The first gallery shots of Degrassi: Next Class. Still no word on when the series debuts on Netflix. In the meantime, check out this fascinating breakdown Fusion […]

Do Degrassi Fans Overvalue Endgame?

During season 4 of The Next Generation, the evil, heartless writers (only kidding, they’re actually nice if you give them food) ruined my life by destroying my OTP, Sellie. The same happened to my Parcy, […]