Month: August 2016

Degrassi: Next Class Review – #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen

FRANKIE PLOT SUMMARY: Ever since Degrassi’s alumni gala, Frankie’s avoided going to school because she’s tired of everyone treating her like she’s a racist. She’s been lying to her mom by pretending to be sick, […]

VIDEO: Degrassi’s Obviously _________ Would…

On top of filming Degrassi: Next Class Seasons 3 and 4 this summer, the cast also spent a lot of time on set filming bonus video content. Several weeks ago Degrassi posted a sneak peek […]

Degrassi: Next Class Review – #ToMyFutureSelf

SHAY PLOT SUMMARY: Shay has an opportunity to attend a summer sports camp that will allow her to play volleyball with national-level athletes and get one step closer to playing in the Olympics. However, after […]

Watch The Degrassi: Next Class Season 2 Finale Table Read

Adamo went behind the scenes of the readthrough for the Next Class season 2 finale, #OMFG.┬áRemember the days when Stephen Stohn would tweet about the readthroughs, even posting shots of the scripts to reveal the […]

VIDEO: Degrassi Next Class Bloopers And Funny Stories (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Degrassi Next Class’ bloopers and funny stories Amanda, Richard and Chelsea shared their silly stories about their time on set. Now Jamie, Nikki, Amir, Dante and Reiya talk about the funniest […]

Degrassi: Next Class Review – #ThrowbackThursday

LOLA PLOT SUMMARY: Upset because no one will listen to her pleas that Tiny was unfairly suspended, Lola decides to start a protest. She gets people on board except for Tiny, who doesn’t want his […]

VIDEO: Degrassi Next Class Bloopers And Funny Stories (Part 1)

In what’s been an ongoing subplot in the world of Degrassian Chelsea Clark, she’s made it quite known that she’s the clumsiest person in existence. If we see Esme in a full body cast in […]