1408 was little more than a setup episode, so it’s another quiet week in the rankings.  Major drama will pick back up in 1409, causing major shakeups next week.


1) Frankie Hollingsworth (Last Week: #1)

2) Zoë Rivas ()
Good for Zoë finally finding a place where she feels accepted.  Too bad it’s all going to come crashing down because she built everything she’s gained on a bed of reckless behavior.

3) Maya Matlin  ()
As always her intentions are good as she wants to protect Miles from his father.  However, the concern going into 1409 is that her desire to protect Miles unintentionally transforms into her enabling him.

4) Grace Cardinal ()

5) Miles Hollingsworth (#7 )

6) Zig Novak (#5)

7) Clare Edwards ()

8) Becky Baker ()
Becky and Jonah’s interaction is far more natural in this episode. As I explained in my recap of Hush, Jonah fits the mold of what Becky needs more than Drew ever will.  There’s no point in wasting time talking about Drecky because they’re not long for this world.  Jonah is instantly more compatible for Becky than Drew because he offers her what Drew can and then some.

9) Hunter Hollingsworth (#10)
We can now cross Hunter off the list of people stalking the cheerleaders.

10) Drew Torres (#9)
Maybe it’s because I’m a straight guy with experience in the female friend department, but Drew’s jealous was definitely realistic here.  It didn’t matter how platonic our friendship was, I’ve had female friend’s boyfriends jealous of me (emotional relationships can be far more threatening than physical ones).  Now when it comes to Drew’s statement about how guys and girls can never be friends, there’s obviously no definitive answer to that; it always depends on the situation.  But in their specific situation I’d like to think it’s difficult for someone to start a NEW friendship with a new person who’s already in a relationship.  And when you reach my age, good luck trying to start up the kind of friendship that involves lots of communcating/hanging out with someone who’s married.

11) Alli Bhandari ()

12) Mike Dallas ()

13) Eli Goldsworthy ()

14)  Winston Chu ()

15) Shay Powers ()

16) Lola Pacini (#17)
Lol at Julio…with each passing episode it becomes more apparent that Lola is Degrassi’s version of Cat Valentine.

17) Jack (#17)
So Jack did know better after all…I really loved that scene, and I loved that Jack finally flexed her muscles when it came to something outside of Imogen.  Jack went into Degrassi Nudes knowing what the worst-case scenario could be while the other girls ranged from knowing they could get in some kind of trouble if they got caught (Shay) to just being along for the ride (Lola).

18) Tristan Milligan (#16)
I really thought Tristan would’ve been more involved in this episode.  So much for Triles being anything more than two people who’ve been using each other for their own emotional benefit.

19) Imogen Moreno (#15)

20) Jonah Haak (#22)
His appearance in this episode was much better than his debut.  Now we just sit back and wait for Becky to fall into his arms.

21) Arlene Takahashi (#20)
“Well whatever they have coming, they deserve it.”  Now how would Arlene know they have something coming…?

22) Tiny King (#18)

23) Connor DeLaurier (#23)

24) Jenna Middleton (#24)

Posted by Kary


  1. Arlene deserves a higher rank, she is obviously behind the threatening calls. What have Zig and Frankie done to merit such high rankings? Jonah deserves a higher ranking as does Winston and Connor and Jenna deserve something for being a couple that has lasted this long on this show.



    1. Degrassi is my world December 31, 2014 at 9:09 am

      It’s not just a show it’s the best show ever creating drama madness and great relationship it called degrassi Duhh !!😏



  2. Got to say, don’t get how Frankie ranks so high with this episode. Or at all.



    1. I know what



  3. Kary, do you mind if I indulge in you in a spoiler for an upcoming episode? *SPOILER*

    In 14×10, Tristan gets the B plot in which he spends time trying to apologize to Miles.
    The episode description for 14×10 reads: “Mr. Simpson calls an assembly to address the offending fundraising website. Tristan is trying his best to make up with Miles, but the connection seems to be fading. Alli can’t keep a secret and blurts Clare’s news to Dallas.”
    (This can be found on: http://degrassisource.tumblr.com/post/101512226822/14×02-14×12-episode-descriptions-spoilers)

    I think we can assume that the main focus of the plot will be on his apology and involvement in Miles’s life (since there is apparently a focus on his “connection”, which “seems to be fading”.) So he would get very involved in Miles’s life after his intervention failed in 14×08, trying to apologize for what happened and not understanding why Miles seems to be leaving him in this B plot.

    Also, this seems to be what the music video was hinting at when Tristan desperately tries to cling onto Miles after he looks at the family album and leaves. Miles seems to be leaving him even though Tristan tries so hard to please him. (This is referenced when Tristan tries to comfort Miles when Miles gets angry over the family album.) Whether he would or wouldn’t depends on how true the perception that Miles is leaving him is. (The episode description does say that the “connection *seems* to be fading”, rather than just getting to the point and saying that “the connection *is* fading”.)



  4. What only three episode left is the end or just the season



    1. Three episodes left before they go on hiatus. The midseason finale is on January 13th, and they’ll air the remaining 12-16ish episodes starting in April!



      1. Thanks


      2. Great ratings dude. But Jack never told her an estimated # of nude pics she took. If she told Im that she took over 100 she wouldn’t forgive that. An what Zoe did isn’t a bed! More like lava surrounding her. Looks like she lies in the next ep. But with the Frankie plan coming in 3 week I hope she gets expelled.

        I hope we see Sim expelled her (or at least tell her) since everything else would be off screen. I hope that plot gets a after the last commercial ending. People told me she’s not leaving but she will get the “other” category role. She has the shortest time in the school, even Tori staid longer.

        She is so Hydra. Just gone stand there an lie. That’s lying to everyone & if the police comes that’s worse. I’m here for the Zoe plots. That’s it. But I will tape her going down. This means no Zoe in prom:) no Zoe In a 4 part special. She is turning into Grant ward. She lied an committed illegal stuff. Now all we need is for her to physically hurt people. Also I don’t think the

        App was ever closed. It does make sense. Maybe Grace accidentally sent it out. Mistakes happen.


      3. Are they going to have a next season of degrassi after January 13th !!!!!😪


      4. Yea is it the end 😂😪😪😪


  5. Zoe desverse what she gets she should be kick out of that school she’s a drama causer and liar and a spoiled little brat Frankie is good not a brat like that Zoe girl and she gt a horrible adutude.I just wish she was off the show so baddddd !!!!!??? Please someone reply please



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