Month: September 2012

Degrassi Readthrough Recap 9/13/12 (Episodes 1233-1236)

Yesterday Epitome had its Degrassi readthrough for episodes 1233/1234 (Ray Of Light) and 1235/1236 (Karma Police).  We’ll find out the episode title for the Season 12 finale at the next readthrough (whenever that will be).  […]

Hangout With Aislinn Paul This Friday (9/14)

Degrassi has done Skype sessions between the cast and fans before.  Various cast members hold their own ustream sessions on occasion.  This Friday Degrassi will hold its first Google+ Hangout featuring Aislinn Paul. 5 fans […]

Degrassi Readthrough Recap 9/4/12 (1229-1232)

The Degrassi cast returned from its hiatus today to begin readthroughs on episodes 1229/1230 (Lovefool Pt. 1 and 2) and 1231/1232 (TBD).  As glad as I am to see them back on set I don’t […]

DegrassiBlog Search Terms 9/3/12

It’s that time again…here are some of the search terms you weirdos look for that somehow lead you to find my blog.  My guess is that if everyone did the show shirtless, the ratings would […]