Month: November 2011


It looks like, at the very least, we have a more specific timeframe in which to expect Degrassi to return.  Right now the TENTATIVE date for Degrassi’s return is Friday, February 24th at 9pm EST (MuchMusic […]

Preview Clips Of Degrassi Episodes In 2012

–  TeenNick has unveiled very small sneak peaks of the new episodes of Degrassi that are coming in 2012.  The most entertaining thing is watching the fandom get outraged over Clare wanting to lose her […]

DegrassiBlog’s Expanded Coverage Of Nowhere To Run

The equilibrium of the Degrassi universe will be back to normal after tonight, when TeenNick finally airs the final episode of 2011, “Nowhere To Run.” A lot of people watched the episode when it aired […]

DegrassiBlog EXCLUSIVE: Watch A Clip From Nowhere To Run

Will Clare go on a rampage and kill Alli after catching her and Jake kissing? Will Bianca kill Katie, then bury her body in the shed so Drianca can reunite? Will Eli just snap and […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Can’t Hardly Wait

Can’t Hardly Wait Season: 6 Episode: 4 The-N Airdate: 10/13/06 CTV Airdate: 12/5/06 PLOT A SUMMARY:  Ashley is ready to have sex with Jimmy, but there’s just one problem: he can’t get an erection.  He […]

DegrassiBlog Q&A: Why “Together Forever” Sucked

I started grading episodes halfway during Season 8.  It didn’t take long before people started asking me what I thought about episodes in earlier seasons.  Because it was obviously going to take a while to […]

TeenNick’s Nowhere To Run Preview

We’re less than a week away from TeenNick’s debut of the Degrassi episode “Nowhere To Run.”  Well, those of you who haven’t already watched the episode, lol. TeenNick is hosting Nowhere To Run Week, a […]